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29 July
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The Mind

Each drop of blood must inevitably pass through the capillaries of the lungs, where delivery the surplus of carbon dioxide, and instead absorbs the excess of oxygen. Anyone who wants to wipe out the urge to smoke first need to intellectually analyse the sensations and then understand them deeply, is impossible with the intellect to deeply understand the concept of content locked in a sense, the intellect is only a tiny fraction of the mind. If we want to understand deeply all the content substantially a certain feeling of any kind, we definitely need internal meditation technique, it is urgent understand deeply at all levels of the mind. TO prevent and cure the lungs against their ILLNESSES peculiar taken a Calabazo or Totumo, make a hole or rupture, placed at the fire, after awhile retires, subtracting the pulp, which slips so the liquid, juice, or honey is purified. Subsequently, vessel apart, will be in a decoction of Calaguala, Canafistula, Vira-vira, Sen, Borage, Anamu root, root Aloe, root of Fique or Maguey, rose petals fine; This should be reduced to a liter, which is sweetened with Panela burnt honey.

Then it is mixed with honey, juice and pulp of the gourd and subjected to fire again until it boils and dissipates the foam; When this menjurje take a blackish color, is added to honey bee until point, so ready to take by tablespoons. Plantain and the Pulmonaria must be used for all sorts of diseases of the bronchi and lungs. He gets a good amount of leaves of Pulmonaria and other amount equal of plantain; Cook very well.Drink a big glass every three hours. Take this remedy to heal completely.

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