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15 February
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the largest

How to recognize children "vacationing" working mothers and the triple? The woman, mother, goes to the supermarket with dark circles more worthy of Dracula than anything else, because he worked at home and extra straight time in late night, from your home computer for work. It is clarified that the late night is the only time of day: you can read, eat, work and go to the toilette with dignity and some quiet, because their shoots snore four hands, exhausted from among other things, allow her exhausted. Going to make purchases with a wave look: ultra chic hair stand on end, as if had practiced a permanent home, putting their fingers in the plug and follows a chorus of minor voices that whisper when they do not demand that the hearing and in an audible voice, if it intends to ignore the order, buy me, buy me , buy me, buy me, buy me, buy me, buy me, buy me, buy me. Is that waives a favor because the largest being hypnotized with Chat, comfortably installed on the computer, the other is idiotic in front of the idiot box but it took many to follow in the pc So if dare to ask what We suffered one, and broke the sciatic nerve for the millionth time to create something that obviously fanatics and shot and left for a change, did not realize. Ask an errand that is synonymous with a face you kind look like not tell me that was a Martian. A mother whose children are on vacation is extremely sensitive eardrums, because the stun with: 8.1 computer, speakers, dvd, stereo sounds and centillesimas times the largest is on intimate terms, the desperate cries and hyperkinetic walking with the phone in one hand, the wireless in the other, by teleconference and the mp5 on the teeth, with the fellowship Boluda che shouting, no Boluda hear me, let me talk Boluda, totally ignoring a dedicated nine months to think to choose its name. Dr. Mark Hyman has similar goals. And he repeated in his ear the same as they were talking from midnight the previous day, expanded and updated.

Reset, therefore I am an adult please, at this point that comes to be, having survived the first week of vacation, without a penny in my pocket and have become an expert magician specializes in miracles, and ask to talk to a matter of urgency another adult who is neither my mother nor my ex. A normal adult and consistent. You may wish to learn more. If so, Glenn Dubin, New York City is the place to go. But all my friends or have children, grandchildren or nephews on vacation. So the only thing left is to console themselves by saying: thank goodness and end and exchange the latest child movie dvd. A week is nothing more. Yes, no revives after the other that we will forget about all the work they gave us and ask if such a thing as a vacation again. But anyway, we are few and we know a lot. That yes, when our friends without children returning from skiing, bronceadamente relaxed, and we ask: what about the winter break, for our eyes and hungry termite killer, shall, ipso facto, that those are issues that never again should peak make if you want to continue to enjoy our friendship and suffering, with children. But it will be right after angry counterattack, "and good che, if after you have and not strange to you who understands you, flora cat!"

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