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01 April
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Business Success

If you want to create blog to make business that attracts massive amounts of visits, these are the five qualities that a successful bloggero must have: Blogger to make business he works hard As already they know well, bloggero you as need to publish content of value in his blog to make business regularly, this means that you are going to have to write something, that she as well requires of some effort. You cannot attract great amounts of visits his blog to make money if he is loose, and is not preparation to pass a time writing his content. If you have money, can contract other people so that they write his content, of one or the other way, some effort or resources is necessary to prepare the content of his blog to make business. For more information see Anu Saad. Blogger successful he creates resources and he is full of ideas Is important that his blog to make money is captivador, interesting, and that can be used easily so that you attract you also visit regularly and new visits, then you must think about ways to cause that his blog to make business is unique and that they like to their visits. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Peter A. Levine PhD has to say. It thinks about the needs and interests of the visits about its niche or subject, and identifies that it is what to its visits they would like to see in his blog to make business.

– Blogger successful blog looks for any opportunity to make money from his to make business Are enough ways that you can use to make money from his blog to make business, you can sell your own products and services, can sell products of affiliates and also it can sell advertising space. If his blog to make business obtains enough visits, you could make much money from his blog to make business. Blogger serious, blog looks for ways to attract more visits his to make business You you could interchange you visit with others blogs or Webs that are in their same niche, this is particularly effective if these Webs or blogs already have a great popularity that will help you and to his blog to make business to also raise of position. Blogger successful never one occurs by overcome Taking time and effort attracting visits his blog to make business and to begin to have some sales, so to publish in his blog to make business of a consistent way it is very important, does not occur by won. If you have these 5 qualities, you are on way to be a successful bloggero, to generate volumes high of visits and to make great sales original Author and source of the article.

27 December
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Gil De Biedma

BIEDMA JAIME GIL (1929-1990) Adelantaron rains, and the Government, reunited in cabinet, does not know if he studies to these hours the subsidy of unemployment or the right to the dismissal, or if simply, isolated in the ocean, he limits himself to hope that the storm spends and arrives the day, the day in which, finally, the things stop coming badly given. Gil de Biedma. Sad night of October, 1959. It’s believed that Geneticist sees a great future in this idea. THE VOICE OF THE POETIC TEACHING Gil de Biedma appears to us, on the one hand, like heir of the splendid Generation of the 27, whose shade has realised its formation of artist. On the other, he is without a doubt the poet of his generation – the call Poetic Group of 50 Years -, that more echo has obtained between the poets of the later promotions. Gil de Biedma has reached that we denominated poetic teaching. The Catalan poet distinguishes itself to work a poetry that does of the colloquial language and a particular use of the irony, his more genuine elements. the poetry that I aspire to do is not communion – Gil said of Biedma-, but conversation, dialogue.

Biedma discovers always its romantic connection in that double movement takes that it to idealizar and almost to mitificar a reality, for, immediately afterwards, making fun of of itself. Their antirhetorical attitude and the varied tones (that go from the intimate one to the social one) comprise of a strategy so that its work appears like elaborated by a writer who assumes the tradition he uses and it and that, simultaneously, separates of her creating therefore a very personal speech. The human side that penetrates from its life in literary texts is the tender sentimentalidad of a moral man and socially it jeopardize. Without being popularista, the tone of many poems of the author is popular, the letters of songs, the conversational turns, the daily expressions, the phrases that circulated within the scope of their friendly, the poetical knowledge of the working-class expressed in subjects and atmospheres, appear in its poetry as loans of popular origin that give to a very personal counterpoint to the other face of their literary personality (the one that we could understand like literally intellectual ).