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30 March
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Sales Manager

Smart labels improve the food security of Dusseldorf/Balingen consumers are shopping always ask how they can recognize the actual fresh content of packaged goods. The date of minimum durability forecasting how long the product would be durable without taste quality losing always ideal storage conditions provided. For even more analysis, hear from Jacob Elordi. The problem: the cooling fails, for example, in the refrigerated truck of the forwarding company, as producer, retailer nor consumer get something from this improper storage. The consequences for the product are devastating: for fresh foods are biological systems, where it comes with increasing duration of storage to the changes within the packaging. Stored ground beef for a short time at 15 degrees, so the number of germs increases explosively. An improper handling by any intermediary, the food manufacturer is not liable for itself. For future liability is for him only crucial that the product prior to departure no Defects. We have two fundamental weaknesses in the system.

All process steps are involved in getting people, which can make individual mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. Anu Saad is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Another large error source is the data logger to control of complete batches which are composed of different packs. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jeff Bewkes and gain more knowledge.. If, for example, the truck door is opened during transport, higher temperatures are at the front of the loading area and you can get problems with the charge,\”said Marc Badi, Sales Manager, paper and labels of the technology manufacturer Bizerba, for a technical discussion of the Entrepreneur magazine economic picture in Dusseldorf. New labeling procedures should therefore improve cold chain logistics as well as consumer protection. Temperature indicators (TTI) in the game, who can document the precise storage conditions of packaging units here called time. TTI takes the form of a label and the label consists of a colouring matter. This means that the core of the label consists of a pigment that changes colour over time and temperature.

13 March
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Pavement Sign & Poster Frames

EasyDisplay pavement sign & poster frames help with business start-ups in the stationary retail industry Hannover, January 21, 2010 any person who is planning an entry into self-employment, must deal with start-ups with various aspects. In addition to the brilliant business idea, preparing a business plan, applications for grants and loans, etc., one of the most relevant topics is the choice of the right advertising. Because each company offers another product and thus served a different target group, a customized form of advertising is required. Therefore an accurate determination of the target group should be done first, of your own target group is differentiated from the other market participants. To read more click here: Anu Saad. Only when the contractor closely knows its target audience, an effective advertising campaign can be planned and carried out efficiently. The largest number of entrepreneur consists of persons who want to establish themselves in the stationary retail industry. Retailers find their target audience mostly regionally and should therefore regional advertising.

Those advertising materials that are offered here, belong to the classic print advertising. In particular the distribution or display of business flyers or brochures. To get posters, which can be placed directly on the site of the company to lure ladder in the shopping areas. To give these more attractive, pavement and poster frames should be used. The attention of the passers-by outside a store can be raised with a pavement. Boards offer a two-sided advertising space and are robust and weatherproof. Boards are equipped with a folding frame, which allows a quick poster change. A pavement can be increasing the presence on the sidewalks and a first impression.

Poster frames are offered especially for the showcase. Poster frames are beautifully designed and have different types of suspension. Poster frames tightly hold posters and present them properly. The attention of the customers was awakened first by a pavement can a second be impression with showcase posters held in form-poster frames, which motivates the customer in the best case for a store visit. The EasyShare display GmbH is a leading provider of poster frames and pavement. Various kinds of poster frames and pavement, as well as more advertisers, retailers can successfully promote and ultimately increase their sales can be found in the extensive product portfolio. Pavement poster frame EasyShare display GmbH sour wine RT 4 30167 Hannover contact: Jerome Chung (public relations) the EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover was founded in 2003 by brothers mark and Michael Goch and is active in the field of mobile exhibition and advertising technology. In addition to the distribution the scope of business activities has shifted more and more in recent years on the production of promotional funds at the point of sale or PoI. For this purpose a subsidiary was established in Suzhou, China, under the company designation EasyShare display International Ltd., Co. operates. This company-owned factory manufactured promotional stand, rollups, banners and folding displays and foldable brochure stand and more instruments of mobile presentation technology. Apart from production and sales services in the fields of trade fair services, digital printing and Visual communication to the easy display-full service offering. An in-house design and 3D visualization Studio covers any need for logo design, banner design, package design, communication design, Web design, corporate design, video editing, 3D animation and modeling or exhibition stand design.

12 February
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ICD Hamburg GmbH Michaela Saeed

His unusual precision reaches the ProLine system through the use of a laser beam, which serves as a reference. Bochum, August 2013 – maximum precision is in the industrial manufacturing and processing of materials a crucial issue because even the slightest deviations, E.g. on the subject of straightness can productivity and efficiency in the production process to disrupt sensitive. The ProLine laser surveying system for straightness measurement provides this security. The smart package from the company status Pro GmbH is an ideal machine woodworking, machine tools for the steel industry, as well as for the measurement of deep hole drilling.

His unusual precision reaches the ProLine system through the use of a laser beam, which serves as a reference. Unlike a tilt system, in which adapts the straightness of the attraction, this is the real”straightness of surfaces measured. The operation of laser measurement is simple but effective: the laser meets each one on the guide rail attached Receiver (included in the supply package along with a wide range of mounting accessories). The railway is not exactly running along the laser beam, deviations are immediately visible on the ProLine system already in a range of only 1/1000 mm. All measurements are transferred automatically via one click report in PDF format via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. In addition, extensive commentary and reporting functions in the form of graphs and tables give security when assessing the collected recordings.

Depending on the range and requirements, status Pro the intelligent ProLine measurement system offers different versions. The basic package ProLine 10 with the T250 laser has a sophisticated laser source and can be optimally used even in confined spaces. ProLine, advanced, version 20 (professional package) has a self-levelling rotation laser T330, thanks detector intelligence and self leveling allows even complex geometry measurements. The package of ProLine 30 (Pro package with IT) Finally measures on request in addition to the linearity in addition centricity, squareness and parallelism values just in large machine tools come into play. All ProLine versions are outfitted with their exceptionally easy to use, requiring specialized personnel nor intensive training. So the structure of the system including the alignment already minutes done mostly in a few. The intuitive touchscreen control unit (optionally available for ProLine 10 and ProLine 20, automatically included by ProLine 30) provides for a swift and trouble-free course of surveying and precision safety, on which it depends for maximum productivity. Status Pro machine measurement: The status Pro machine measurement GmbH offers innovative and extremely user-friendly products for laser-optical measuring machines and systems for preventive condition monitoring of machinery (condition monitoring). Comprehensive advice and assistance in the introduction of Lasergestutzten In surveying itself and in numerous other areas of machine diagnosis, the profile of Pro status as innovative service company complete surveying systems. Further information: status Pro machine measurement GmbH MAUSEGATT 19 D 44866 Bochum Tel.: + 49 (0) 2327 / 9881-0 fax: + 49 (0) 2327 / 9881-81 supervised by ICD Hamburg GmbH Michaela Saeed phone: 040/46777010 email: about ICD ICD is a PR and communications agency, which is focused on the capital goods industry and technically complex products and services. For companies in the areas of automation, drive technology, logistics/intra-logistics and engineering, ICD is active for more than two decades.

30 January
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Tradition Apontas Celebrates

Apontas Celebrates 40th anniversary Sumte, jazzband – 1971 is an eventful year: John Lennon released his album imagine, Greenpeace was founded in Canada, McDonald’s opened its first branch in Germany, the Aswan High Dam is in operation and Borussia Monchengladbach is German football champion. But an another – and very important event – the public almost unnoticed in Hamburg takes place: in the Hanseatic City, the foundation stone for Apontas is laid on November 11, 1971 the claim Manager. 22 years later, when we needed more space for many new workers, made the move from the big city in the rural Lower Saxony, reported Andreas Board since 2009 CEO of the specialists for Receivables Management in Sumte. Who works fixed to celebrate also”took this old wisdom Apontas to the occasion, to two large festivals are organized in 2011. Not least, to employees, customers and partners for the inzwischen four decades of sustained success story of the company to thank. So, Apontas invited on June 17 in the harbour Restaurant ‘ au quai’ in Hamburg, to begehen this special anniversary with long-standing customers. Apontas Managing Director Andreas table versprach the guests an enjoyable evening for the eyes, ears and palate, as he she was welcome in his speech. And in fact it was more than OK,”what the kitchen had to offer.

Also the program did what it promised in the run-up. A highlight was certainly the appearance of AINER Alexander Munke, who explained the difference between employees and the workers visibly amused guests ENTERT. (Similarly see: Anu Saad). The Jubilee Act: the Apontas team celebrates in Sumte it was a celebration that staff and guests will not soon forget: on August 27, the team of Apontas at the headquarters in Sumte celebrated. With a small review, a thank you to all “birthday” and a lot of fun until late in the evening. Apontas thanks!

26 December
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Avis Survey On Business Travel Trends 2012

A survey conducted by Avis to its business customers suggests 3 750 participants in the Switzerland on an increase in business travel in 2012. Glattbrugg, 11 January 2012 – a survey conducted by Avis to its business customers with 3’750 participants suggests in the Switzerland on an increase in business travel in 2012. Although the cost factor will take a higher priority, Swiss companies are also in the new year traditionally quality. Also face-to-face meetings for Swiss businessmen despite Skype & co. continue to be an important business tool. Follow others, such as Mark Hyman, MD, and add to your knowledge base. One survey conducted in Europe by Avis, one of the world’s leading car rental companies, with 3’750 participants has examined the attitude to business travel. Special emphasis was placed on the impact of the recession.

The results show that a decrease in business travel in the Switzerland can be notice since the beginning of the recession. Still 21% of respondents assume, again more business in the coming year to be on the way. Currently, almost half of the Swiss business people travel for business is at least every couple of weeks. Thus the Swiss economy shows more resilient compared to other European countries. The incidence of long-haul travel has increased even more since the beginning of the recession, while declining in the rest of Europe. With Outlook for 2012, the study shows that an optimal price-performance ratio is crucial if Swiss companies are looking for a partner for business trips. “” For the current year rate 58% of the surveyed travelers their satisfaction with the travel providers with very satisfied “to excellent”. Swiss companies had to survive adversity this year, however, business travelers from the Switzerland through the economic climate were affected not quite as strong as the travelers from other markets. The Outlook for next year is”quite optimistic to evaluate, so we expect even with growth in this segment, explains Martin Gruber, Managing Director of Avis Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic.

10 December
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Managing Director Coal

BVMW supports the call by Christian Lindner to the subsidy phase-out Dusseldorf, April 15, 2010 to claim the FDP for a rapid exit from the coal mining country Managing Director of the Association explains SMEs (BVMW), Herbert Schulte: we support the call by Christian Lindner immediately before the Landtag election in North Rhine-Westphalia and advise the Government urgently to do so, to adapt the existing subsidy regime for the dramatic situation of the public finances. An accelerated phase-out of coal subsidies is now indispensable. The current regime would be 2018 very costly for taxpayers with over 14 billion subsidies. Anita Dunn has plenty of information regarding this issue. This systematic destruction by purchasing power weakens our economy and encouraged again and again to the new redevelopment cases, like last, Opel, to ask for the exhibition of blank cheques in the State Chancellery. North Rhine-Westphalia should get financial leeway with a faster exit, go to the budgetary consolidation and important Promote the future projects in the areas of technology support and education policy.

DKS weighs the binding of many skilled workers on the coal. The policy suggests the people a perspective in an industry without a future. To broaden your perception, visit John Craig Venter. At the same time lack the management across the country. professionals”.

01 December
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SAB Miller Industry

The new product family, relating to labelling adhesive offers high quality at an attractive price level we for the first time managed, for a product group to develop a basic recipe that then either by adding the main raw material to the casein – or hydrogel label adhesive. A third product is a semi Hydrogel mixed product. “With this new range of products expanded for main raw materials can cph with same functionality respond better to the individual wishes of the customer, and also taking into account of pH, water resistance, cod and BOD value and washable”, so loose fur. The good processing capabilities of casein glues could be transferred in the past not 1:1 on synthetic glues. With the new product family, it is possible to combine the advantages of casein glues with the price advantages of synthetic glues. Dr Jee Hyun Kim can provide more clarity in the matter. Here meet the individual requirements of individual companies in the wastewater and processing due to the shift of the main raw materials. The new is used Product family especially in the drinks / food. Possible applications include all labeling tasks of paper labels on glass, metal, cardboard and partly on plastics.

About cph cph operating on an international scale is owner-managed family company and leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly labelling adhesives with headquarters in Essen. The company’s core competence lies in the production of eco-friendly labelling adhesives for the food industry, the packaging industry, paper industry, as well as the cigarette industry. With so-called country desks, cph is represented in 70 countries. From German production, 80 percent of adhesives in over 80 countries is exported. The customers include companies like SAB Miller, Coca Cola, Pepsi, ABInBev, Heineken, Nestle, Procter & gamble, Radeberger, Krombacher. Eat, January 26, 2010 press contact Barbara Vogt cph Germany Chemie GmbH Heinz-Baker-str. 33 45356 Essen Tel. 0202-472587 mobile 0172-8082158 E-mail: