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23 March
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The Art Of Living With Hope

Complainingly, some did not feel the love in place. For it seemed that the people lived in constant dispute, that the life in the world was being made it difficult for interpersonal convivncia, all distrusted of all, seemed to it that the people if seted to harm excessively, thinking exclusively about proper benefit. Source: cardiologist. In the situation where we live, we would have two alternatives, to live in equal way the great majority, or we isolate in them in a wild place, solitary with reduced number of people who compactuem with our feelings. Nancy-Ann_DeParle spoke with conviction. Quiet the Ancio, was looking at the horizon, meditando in what it heard of the young lover.

It answered: – ‘ ‘ mine jovem’ ‘. – What it is the love for you? Ka, stopped, it reflected, and it said: – ‘ ‘ The love is a gostoso feeling that we have for that we know, for which we create a great affection, and, we dedicate afeto’ very; ‘. – My young, to who you love? The youngster answered: – ‘ ‘ the family, friends, the people with who I coexist and they want bem’ to me; ‘. The valoroso Gentleman, questioned it: – ‘ ‘ Must exist somebody for who nourishes some antipatia? Which the reason had taken that it to create this feeling? As well as must have those to who you you are disagreeable? The Scholar, calmly, explained that the people lived in an impersonal way, only thought about them, ambitious, wants everything, some times in egoistic ways and with easinesses. Without any concern with the others, creating an energy the negative fluidics that attracts its fellow creatures, moving away the people with altruistic feelings. In this manner, they do not catch feelings of affection of the people, making it difficult a good convivncia.

– It is asked; – ‘ ‘ How I love the people? ‘ ‘ It evaluates the form as it loves the people. You are surpreso, will recognize that its feelings, which thinks to be of love, nothing more are to like them for admiration or convenience, in the lesser opposition will leave to love them. Many love for the system of exchanges, love you to I, love me to you, until day where the circumstances of the good to live wound what we feel, leaving of being interesting for us or them, to continuing this type to like. ‘ ‘ The love is a pure feeling, exempts, that it has left of us for other people without any imposition, without interest and desire of reciprocity, attracting people of ethical and moral nature, who engrandecem ours vida’ ‘. To it we express this love for our fellow creature, we are receiving givers and of good fluids, have a convivncia pacifies, nobleman, healthful and we are happy. The young when hearing the Scholar, said: – ‘ ‘ What I must make Sir? ‘ ‘ – ‘ ‘ It expresses your true feelings. It loves, indistinctly to the all humanidade’ ‘.

26 January
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Flon defines the therapists in first place as those that love the wisdom, is philosophers that its form to take care of is superior, therefore takes care of of the soul, of the psiquismo. ' ' The proper name of these philosophers, who we call therapists, discloses its project, in first place because the medicine (iatrik) that they take the veil is superior to that comes being exerted in our cities; this only takes care of of the body, but to another one it also takes care of of the psiquismo, tormented for these painful and difficult illnesses to cure (…) ' ' (FLON, apud in, LELOUP, 2004, P. 69). For Flon the function of &#039 will fit to the therapist; desatar' we of the soul, these obstacles to the life and creative intelligence, the great therapist would be that one that perfectly dominates the world of the attractive passions and the disordered ones of the pleasure. Flon considers Moiss the great therapist.

' ' The legislator (Moiss), that he is a perfect doctor of the passions and the mrbidas affections of the soul, had in the life an only task, an only end: to extirpar the illnesses of the thought, with its proper roots, so that incurvel&#039 did not remain more nothing to produce an illness seed; ' (FLON, apud in, LELOUP, 2004, P. 78). The therapists searched to live in harmony. The harmony for them was synonymous of health; they live in harmony if thus we can call between deep and the form; between the word and the thought; between the essential and the existencial. Therefore they invite in them to guide our desires, not to exclude them, to extirpar them, therefore we are beings of the desire, but of a they its place, life with them of harmonious form. 1.3Escuta clinical: consideraes Speaking to us on the Clinic as being the place of this listening; that of a possibility of direction, being received in its sufferings, conflicts.

07 August
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Independent Presbitrio

It was not a calculated separation, moved for reasons defined, articulated clearly. We saw that at the final moments, when decisions would have to be taken on solid bases, for clear certainties, the reasons had been overcast for the passion around an only point of the Platform: the Masonry. July APPEARS a NEW CHURCH PRESBITERIANA the group defeated in the Snodo left for return eleven the night that one 31de, in direction the First Church, then in Street 24 of May, it was the church of Eduardo Carlos Pear tree. They had been congregated in way the conjuncts, cnticos and brief speeches there. In the following, first day of August, the opponents had congregated themselves of new in the first Church with the end of if organizing. With sadness, but with courage, therefore that they had left the seio of the Church ' ' without bornal and without bordo' ' , as Rev said. Eduardo Carlos Pear tree, in some place, had consisted in Presbitrio, the Independent Presbitrio, being acclaimed as moderator the Rev. Caetano Walnut Jnior and serving as temporary secretary the Rev.

Vicente Themudo Lessa. Through proposal, the new religious organization was given to it the name of Independent, composed Presbiteriana Church of all the churches that had adhered to the movement and if to place under ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the new Presbitrio. After the organization, the new Church traced its plans of work and started to execute them without any interference or foreign contribution, using Brazilian resources exclusively, through its fidiciary offices. Five months after the separation, in the second meeting of the Independent Presbitrio in January of 1904, in Campinas the reports presented the number of 2500 members. thus, appeared Independent the Presbiteriana Church of Brazil, in 31 of July, completes 107 years. FINAL CONSIDERAES the Presbiterianismo have its roots in a reformador movement of century XVI, mainly extracting of the Calvinismo its doctrinal system and its ecclesiastical organization.