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31 March
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Moments Life

In my years of sadness, when you lose the illusion, when you lack the desire to sing of love .- In my difficult moments of doubts and indecisions, your words of affection, soothed my troubles .- In my triumphs, my glory in my hours of joy, you smiled with my laughter, and to accept my victories .- My children were your children, my love – your love, my misery – your bones, my sorrows – your pain .- In a sad morning of sorrows, you left as a wave that moves away and does not return .- My eyes never saw you, my hands can not reach you, and my saddest moment, my soul was torn!! You left my life, my childhood, my dreams .- The joy of your grandchildren, and my father’s passions .- Everything is empty – broke world! I had not time to say goodbye .- They were in the car on my way home .- .- She was my life was my sister, my best friend .- It was everything to me and my children and my father .- Is the pain more intense and larger than I felt in my life .- His memory is always me and my children .- She was OUTSTANDING !!!!! Besides being a writer, I’m a poet .- I have over 100 poems that I would love to share with you all, and promised to send all, little by little, because due to my work articles and books, I do not have much free time. – I have many poems that are going to like it .- This poem I wrote to my father, shortly after the death of my mother .- If you ever wonder who were your eyes? Tell them of that, that took your cravings .– If you ever wonder, who belonged your life? Tell them that the woman, who left without farewell .- If you ever wonder if they would want?? Tell them alone of red carnations, yellow or pink or maybe white gladioli as pure as his life .- Give me the freshest, the most beautiful, the finest .- They are for my dead mother, which took my life! That there is little I can give you, Mother of my heart, I never gave you in life, pain is killing me today!! Do not worry more, my daughter – not without reason rue .- In life you gave them to me all, – . Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. may find it difficult to be quoted properly. . . You may find Nancy-Ann_DeParle to be a useful source of information.

09 January
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Breast Surgery

Possible complications of the surgery of mammary increase Although it is an aesthetic procedure, the Surgery of Implants Mammary can have risks, such as: * Pain in the sines * Changes in sensitivity in the nipple and the chest * The cicatrizal weave formation and the hardening in the zone around implant (capsular contractura) * Healing * Bleeding * Infection * Problems with the size or form you implant of them (for example, the sines can not be symmetrical) Also it is possible you implant that them they are broken or they fuguen. If the breakage you implant of them of saline solution, the saline solution will be absorbed without danger by the body. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. A silicone flight can remain within the capsule of implants or to deposit itself outside her. You will realize when she is broken implants of saline solution, since she will be deflated, you implant but them of silicone can not cause obvious symptoms when they are broken. This is called quiet rupture. The women whom they have you implant of gel silicone stuffed they will have to be realised a magnetic resonance three years after the surgery of soon implants and magnetic resonance every two years to verify the quiet rupture. If his are broken you implant, you will need quitarselos or to replace them. You can reduce the risk of complications with the selection of a surgeon that has had five years of surgical formation at least, and a minimum of two years of experience in plastic surgery.

Having you implant mammary can do more difficult to test with mamograma, but with special X-rays the zone can be examined better. Nevertheless, the investigations indicate you implant that mammary do not increase them its risk of breast cancer. You implant them mammary can make more difficult so that you can nurse. You implant them mammary are not designed to last all the life. Perhaps it must make the substitution of you implant if there are complications, or if the size and the form of sines change with time. In order to know on the matter but blog visits Original author and source of the article