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05 January
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Metropolitan Area

The CAM (American multi-service company) company part of the Group ENDESA in Colombia brought a few months ago the first cart electric for the Colombian public. It’s a truck brand REVA Indian manufacturing. Although it has 4 seats, it is only for 2 passengers, the two rear seats are very small, how much to carry small children. This car is the dream of environmentalists, when you turn truck not made any noise, I tried it with another person of CoPilot (about 180 kilos between the two) and the truck moves very well, has an excellent pique in plane. Being so small it is incredibly maneuverable, it can make a u-turn on a narrow street. The only drawback of this truck and in general of the electrical is the service life of the batteries, is calculated for this Indian model should be change every 3 or 4 years the full battery Bank and slope of the order of 3 to 4 thousand dollars. This you can pay with the savings in gasoline, but it is only the questioning of the final disposal of the battery banks. CEO Mylan is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

I personally believe that this electric cart It is a great choice, not only by the economy but by ecology, remember that in Colombia and in Latin America in general typically is generated nearly 80% of electricity from renewable sources (hydraulic mainly), so move these trucks is low pollution. The Government also emphasizes the Minister added that this measure is part of the actions carried out in recent years by the Ministry of the environment, to improve air quality and reduce the effects of pollution on the health of Colombians. Among which the updating of regulations related to quality of air and pollution by fixed and mobile sources, existing since more than 25 years; the regulation for admission to the country of vehicles with engines of latest technology that reduced by 87 per cent emissions of particulate matter, and the distribution of diesel fuel of 50 ppm of sulfur in Bogota, Metropolitan Area of the Valley of Aburra and integrated mass transport systems, He pointed out. Original author and source of the article.

25 January
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Drugs and Weight Loss

Drugs that induce loss of weight recent studies have shown that people are getting more overweight every year. This happens not only with adults but even with children who are starting school. Many factors influence this happens, e.g. Gain insight and clarity with Gina Ross. genetics, overeating, food consumed by the age and body type, metabolism is slower making it harder to burn the food that you just consumed. There are many ways to solve this problem. Some have decided to undergo surgery, while others have decided to change to the consumption of dietary foods and exercise. Given that losing weight takes time, many people have taken the easy way to solve the problem of overweight and they have decided the use of medications to quit this.

In the 1950s and until the end of the 1990s, doctors prescribed medications for weight loss. The drug worked to increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain which makes the brain believe that the stomach is full and Thus, increases the metabolic rate in the person. But it was only after scientists discovered that these drugs had side effects and they were related to cause diseases of the heart valves and for this reason they were removed from the shelves. Later, new drugs were developed and prescribed by doctors and many others are still waiting for the approval of the competent authorities. Most people know at least a friend or a family member who has tried to use pills to lose weight and they have seen some improvement. The idea that a simple drug can change everything without changing your diet or sacrificing anything is very tempting. This has made consumers to pay millions of dollars each year and has given pharmaceutical companies lots of money to make and sell the pills.

Pills to lose weight can be purchased on the market or prescribed by a physician. Even with the advances in medical technology, these drugs can still cause many problems related to health that may be unpleasant for example diarrhea and vomiting, damage for example problems in the chest and urinary tract and mortals such as a stroke or heart attack. For more information about losing weight naturally, visit their website for more articles about losing weight in Spanish visit. An overdose of diet pills can cause tremors, confusion, hallucinations, shallow breathing, kidney failure, heart attack and convulsions. Side effects vary depending on the way of life and the health of the person and can be reduced to a minimum while you consult your doctor first before buying them. If you decide to stop the use of the pills, studies have shown that there are also side effects. These include changes in mood, hyperactivity, and pain in stomach, insomnia and nightmares, severe irritability, extreme fatigue, depression, nausea, vomiting and tremor. Many clinical trials show that drugs taken for weight loss really work. But this can work only if it is made with a low calorie diet and exercise plan. A person can run every morning or enroll and train in a gym. But like any medication, first consult with your doctor before experiencing any form of exercise. The best exercise plan must have cardio and weight exercises. This helps to burn calories and increases the proportion of muscle tissue by increasing the metabolism and weight loss.

16 July
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As you can I do to get pregnant – tips on how to stay in pregnancy before starting any treatment that would allow to happy ending a pregnancy, it is important a valuation medica where the clinical history of the couple, including a physical genital, and general analysis of blood and urine, chromosomal analysis, cytology, spermogram, Hysteroscopy to observe the uterine cavity to be scanned, hysterosalpingography to observe horns, ovary, and endometrium biopsy analysis of hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone). If you already have a diagnosis and you want to start a treatment, we remind you that the factors that contribute to infertility are often temporary or reversible, such as malnutrition, obesity, high fever associated with illness or chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety, therefore the options of getting pregnant or (d) carry a pregnancy to term happy of hanging in heavily on the treatment you choose, this is why today we want to share with you a treatment that has given excellent results and that has been used by a considerable number of couples. Here you have a small sample of surprising tips that you can discover in the Guide as becoming pregnant within 60 days. Incredible but unknown truths about infertility that will astonish you efficient ways to conceive without spending on expensive treatments, surgeries or drugs common causes of infertility that they’re going to surprise the unknown infertility symptoms and as still able to conceive of incredible cures for low amounts of sperm, low quality in the ova and hormonal imbalance, that can be applied during the night the shocking truth about how doctors will exploit to gain three reasons for the which Western treatments are failing a 99.99% and what you can do about it the best way to conceive using the traditional China medicine secrets of the meridian system and their surprising effects on pregnancies systemic causes of infertility that you will not be able to believe, and this is the cause number one of being unable to conceive all about herbal remedies and a list of the best proven to increase your fertility mystical herb that should be taken by women who suffer from endometriosis or menstrual pains the powerful remedy used by more than 2000 years to increase the number of sperm and mobility of a man the easiest way to regulate your menstrual cycle if you suffer from irregular periods how to avoid involuntary abortions and ensure that you have a normal and healthy pregnancy a powerful and ancient Eastern treatment that increases the flow of blood in the uterus and thickened endometrial mucosa in days the incredible method to remedy the low quality of the eggs and balance hormone levels a simple technique for 10 minutes that will automatically stimulate your uterus, ovaries and glands amazing treatment to maximize the cycle of fertility.

21 April
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Beauty Health

Certainly, for each there will be a response perhaps as many as human beings. We have to contemplate and encompass the following aspects when it comes to apply health to beauty and to achieve this balance. Physical appearance obviously have to be taken into account because without health we can not enjoy ourselves. Then when assessing beauty treatments should analyze the risks, adverse reactions, side effects and counterproductive in practice we are going to make us. From the point of view psychological, which always is relegates to a background at the time of the assessments in this case, also will be changes depending on the treatment to be performed.

Said field, the psychological has far-reaching subject. If we examine what are the reasons that lead us to submit ourselves to certain beauty treatments, we can clarify that great part of the reasons are social, due to a stereotype of model of bodily beauty that is installed as a pattern or paradigm to follow without contemplating the personal differences. The only stereotype has an objective purpose on women, and is somehow subject to perfection and demand. This television game, contests of beauty and only marketing has managed to sicken countless natural and beautiful women and push them toward a career by getting the precious object of desire that is the body.He has managed that too many people autoimpongan rejection and are immersed in a State of depression, excessive self-control and pain to get that good of so high and preposterous value.Nor is it healthy to play the victim game, because each one chooses who adhere and decide whether it complies strictly with the canons and social dogmas or simply is itself a unique and strong subject.

07 March
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Natural Health Supplements

As the global economic downturn continues, concerns about finance are sending into orbit voltage levels for millions of people. Unpleasant events such as increasing spending accounts to pay, loss of job, losing the family home, and changes in the standards life can lead to harmful episodes of tension and anxiety if you do not have the skills to cope! Tension and anxiety steal a precious, non-renewable, life time that the money cannot be recovered. consider natural remedies and a holistic approach to health to help manage these factors of anxiety. Some tips to get started: reduce your exposure to the media, which uses loaded phrases that exploit the normal concerns that most of the people have, as no final economic disaster. If read headlines like this every day, it’s no surprise that their stress levels will soar! Do not worry or blame for things outside of your control. Instead, focus on the aspects of your life that you can control and influence. Concentrated on its two main priorities: e.g., paying the rent or mortgage and putting food on the table. Everything is secondary to these and can wait until the economy recovers.

Ganele from stress, depression and anxiety without drugs naturally! It is vital to be aware that there is always a solution, and understand that the root of the tension is fear. A good way to deal with fear is to score exactly that is what you are concerned in its surrounding. Chat with someone you trust. While more solutions and meanings you can assign to what happens to him less emotionally desperate will feel, and while less fearful you feel, you will firmly keep tension on your site, and keep healthy (that also ensures that it does not incur additional costs for medical care). To prepare for any outcome and you shall not fear. Remember, nothing lasts forever.

Storms blow and end up and the current global economic situation will not last forever. This is not the first time that there have been problems with the global economy and will not be the last. A reality of life is that change is omnipresent, and when you do face the change say: whatever happens will try it to overcome. It really is a powerful statement to make. There is always a solution. ALWAYS. No matter what, take the time to go out, relax and enjoy the moment. Listen to music, read a good book, or share a good meal with your loved, what you can do to take a break from the daily routine.