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02 April
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Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy, in which the fertilized egg attaches and begins to develop outside the uterus, is extremely dangerous complication. Peter A. Levine PhD contains valuable tech resources. In this case, health, and sometimes a woman's life depends on timely seek medical help. Hear from experts in the field like Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. for a more varied view. In normal fertilization of an egg by sperm occurs in the fallopian tube. Oviduct performs complex movements by the muscular layer. Due to the quiet movements the fertilized egg moves to 3-4 days of the fallopian tube into the uterus. In advancing the fertilized egg 'matures' shares and is growing due to the presence in the fallopian tube of nutrient veschestv.Takim way, any reason, interfere with the normal transport of fertilized ova in the fallopian tube through the development of various anatomic complications in its wall or in the surrounding tissues and organs leads to the development ectopic pregnancy. It can also occur due to changes in the properties of the fertilized egg (such as its accelerated growth and development). Since the development of an ectopic pregnancy can occur in many locations, and types of its release very much. Depending on the location (address) of ovum ectopic pregnancy is divided into several types: pipe (it develops in the fallopian tube – in such cases 98% of ectopic pregnancies), ovarian (develops in the ovary), abdominal (develops in the abdominal cavity), cervical (develops in the cervix), rare form (eg, intraligamentous – develops inside uterine ligament, or a combination – a combination of uterine and ectopic pregnancy), the warning signs of ectopic pregnancy – is a big threat to life and health of women.

06 March
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Happy Change

Each of us has something at the moment in my life. Luggage. Knowledge, experience and wealth. All of this – an integral part of our. And the fact that each of us has – and has long been known to be determined. For everyone.

And if suddenly you do not have that Why do you want people to treat if you do not like you want it, if the benefits do not swim in your hands, if the role of wife and mother for you – a burden that you carry some of the latest effort, but more often – out of despair If you not experiencing positive emotions, if you are afraid of decisions and responsibility – it all depends on one figure. From the man who once took a decision that you do not need to be successful, healthy, wealthy, you do not need to be a happy woman and mother, happy wife that you’re not that beautiful body – do not deserve that admiring glances – it’s not for you. Who is this villain? Who dared to so dispose of your life ?…. Let change his mind and do it all the way you want it! But the little child that once all this is decided for you, it is very difficult to change it. Nearly impossible. Then and now – this child had not been able to analyze what going on around him, what a party it was.

05 November
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In the case where all the characters are terrible, ugly, scary, regardless of their role, the child has no clear guidelines for evaluation of their actions. In addition, when the child is forced to imitate, identify with the unsympathetic protagonist – an inner sense of self will inevitably suffer from the baby. Children – being open and kind and absorb everything like a sponge. Now imagine that may experience a small man after forty minutes of viewing the cartoon, the main idea is a fight, battle, chase, turning into mutants and monsters, blood, explosions and other ‘delights’? Why do young children listen to ushkam swearing and insults, which showered each other cartoon characters? What kind of healthy smiles and laughter is all about? What all this informative and enlightening? Such a view can only ‘enrich’ the vocabulary of the child profanity, develop feelings such as anger and aggression. Adult, mentally healthy people – and the experience hostility from what he saw and heard. After such an occurrence can not be surprised at the darkness of fear, fear of being alone, violence in the game and aggressive behavior in life and many others ‘results’. The kid is fast growing and evolving. Before you know it, but he says the first word, first finger bends …

He is very inquisitive and restless. The child is all very interesting: why in the trees green leaves? How old is Daddy? And what was the name my grandmother? And step by step you will be with him to open for him this yet unknown, unknown, but an interesting a world full of new and exciting. And for this you need a good and nice animations, which can teach a child to friendship, reciprocity, etc. To date, apart from the good old Soviet cartoons produced many more developmental and educational cartoons children. Pay and leave them aside, if you choose that will see your child. The most important thing! No cartoon is no substitute for live communication with the child adults, in which he desperately needs. Let’s put aside the case, and to give the kid a little bit of our attention!