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07 October
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Healthy Facial Expression

The Centre for implantology and aesthetic facial surgery informed a prominent influence on the shape of human face image is attached to the nose. She is not only aesthetically significant, but also of significant public health importance. Nose deformities are therefore both adversely affect the mental as well as physical well-being. Against this background, Dortmund specialist in facial plastic surgery describes the contribution of Rhinoplasty to produce a healthy expression of the face. The nose has undesirable characteristics, affects often negatively on the self-worth of affected persons, the interpersonal contacts of which are influenced by their not just outside. From this perspective, a rhinoplasty gained significant importance for mental well-being. But for healthy breathing importance at the same time the nose, malformations of the nasal septum, turbinates or the relationship between nose and throat are able to significantly restrict the functions of breathing through the nose. Will you not eliminated by means of a professional correction can cause health-related restrictions.

Aesthetically undesirable characteristics and health-related abnormalities of the nose be eliminated by means of corrective intervention in the physiological form of the nose. This, typically several operation dates are necessary, during which the necessary corrections in outpatient anesthesia or general anesthesia are made. In the framework of the operation, the surgeon creates an external or internal access to the nose, from which he makes the necessary corrections. From the outside he achieves this through the nose bridge, the edge of the nostril or below the tip of the nose. The development of the facial plastic surgery ensure that usually barely visible traces of the intervention remain.

Reducing form changing of the nose should be performed, must be removed in the context of surgery excess bone and cartilaginous. To add substance to the nose, the attending specialist elsewhere removes muscles, cartilage or bones of the patient and transplanted them to the desired location. The healthy or aesthetically problematic misalignment correction via a realignment of affected parts of the nose by the surgeon. The result of the Rhinoplasty shows after a few weeks or months, when the healing process of the last surgery swelling is completed. In the period directly after the procedure the patient for about two weeks wearing a nose busbars and should avoid any form of exercise for 3 to 4 weeks. The aesthetic nature of the Rhinoplasty makes high demands on the skills of the surgeon. Dortmund Centre for implantology and aesthetic facial surgery, Dr. Dr. Griebenow therefore relies on all levels of guidance and operational implementation on proven expertise. He is always ready for further advice and information.

18 April
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Proper Hair Care

Hair Care Hair – is not only a protective covering of the head, but also a great way to emphasize their individuality by resorting to the original haircut, styling and coloring hair. But to have more freedom to experiment over their own appearance, must have a certain "reserve" healthy hair. Therefore, to first consider the types of hair, which is necessary hair care products and proper hair washing. Normal hair – smooth and shiny as a mirror. Healthy hair resilient and after washing preserve freshness for several days. Normal hair is very rare, regardless of whether you live in a city or gassed away from the charms of urbanization.

Beautiful hair – it's not only really expensive jewelry possessor or owner, but also the indicator of good health and stress resistance. Oily hair have a dull shine – it is easy to distinguish from the light healthy hair oily to the touch and a very short period of time dirty. At the level of fat hair affects the location of the sebaceous glands of the head – than they are closer, the higher the fat content. Unfortunately, for it is impossible to influence. But reduce the fat content of the hair is still possible – the methods and means, we consider later. Dry hair is dull, almost did not reflect the incident light, and very brittle. Dry hair is easily confused and torn, heavily comb and on tips. Unlike greasy hair with dry hair is due to improper feeding and care, rather than the individual structure of the human body.

04 March
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Complexion: Your New Best Friend ?

Have you ever known a sun worshiper, one of those people who never quite manages to get a dark tan? They are always looking for that new product that will break their newest tanning plateau and deepen their color even more. Some of them are the lucky few who's skin tans easily. Rarely burn, and after a few hours in the sun, there will be the appearance of most of us after a Caribbean vacation long. The rest of us, however, is left to envy these lucky few, as we know damn few hours in the sun are caused by at least a week of peeling, dry havoc, red skin, not to mention the multitude of fine lines and wrinkles that will surely follow. That is, until recent years have seen the latest generation and greater self-tan products.

You do not have to suffer the natural orange color, the intense odor, or the disappearance of the ugly old self tanners. Self tanning today, at least the quality are formulated to give every user an even, natural tan that lasts longer, has a dark brown instead of orange or red, and fades like a real tan. There are even spray good "several" Self Tanning services offered by many tanning salons for those who do not feel comfortable with the application of oneself. I've only personally tried the Mystic Tan salon service, and that looks pretty good for about two days, but fades in what looks like spots or freckles (not very attractive I can assure you).