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01 October
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Getting to Know Yourself

I still consider myself a blog writing novice but as I have a few entries under my belt I can tell you about an unexpected bonus of this process daily. Somatic Experiencing has much experience in this field. Many people think that blog writers are just people who are sounding the trumpets own chattering in the self-righteous about what they believe to be true in life. On the contrary, for me to write a blog has helped me reflect on my experience I can have otherwise been forgotten, if he had not scored. It has become a process of self-actualization, whether others have read my thoughts has become less of a priority for me. When I read about my past entries I am surprised to hear about the thoughts, ideas, and wisdom that is very relevant to my present experiences. It's as if I knew some of the solutions to my problems in the present, but still had to go through the experiences you have this knowledge become truly learned. I also find it rewarding, both in the aspects that I get to "revive" some moments in my life, and I have to analyze my previous thoughts. Sheryl Corrigan may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

This analysis often leads me to the new ideas he could not see clearly when I was at the outset. "Reliving past experiences" by reading the old journal entries can be a really powerful experience. You can be transported to the time when you're writing, and the time and feelings you had when writing the blog entry. Experiencing these events and feelings again can be a really enlightening process, especially if the emotions I had were the strong. An example of this in my blog is a recent survey of emotions when I wrote about a girl who had been dating and really started to like me he did not want to kiss me.

" However, when I read this entry I can feel those painful feelings, but in a new light, as time has passed and I'm gone. It gives me hope for the understanding that all feelings pass, and also in the knowledge that all things happen for a reason. This knowledge could not see at the time I was totally enveloped by my agony. These ideas in the past feelings and thoughts have been an eye opener for my self-introspection process. I think the blog can give you the opportunity to get to know you better, something all humans could be considered beneficial. All of us are on missions to find out who we are and why we are here on Earth. The blogging process might be another way for people to discover who they really are. Keep writing my friends!

21 February
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Vegetarian Times

There are actually over 10,500 ingredients available for use in cosmetics and personal care products, and nearly 90% of them have not been evaluated by the FDA safety and other nongovernmental groups. Independent research has uncovered important data in the area of harmful and toxic ingredients, and some research goes back to Cold War when Russia was seeking a way to "subdue" America for an easy take (the substance to be used is fluoride). So what is a person to do? As the public is increasingly aware of the problem, thanks to news articles more and more (as the June 2005 issue of Vegetarian Times mention of MIT (in relation to nerve damage in laboratory tests) in some care products hair loss), few health-conscious companies will be well known in the near future. Contact information is here: OurCrowd. Some companies specialize in certain products within the majority of cosmetics and skin care, but only one has a wide range including skin care, cosmetics, dental, hair, home, pets, plants and nutritional supplements of all types: antioxidants, Noni, minerals, weight loss, muscle development, anti-aging, and more. Neways International manufactures a huge range of all without the use of ingredients harmful or toxic. It is the only company of its kind in the world. James S. Chanos : the source for more info. The mission is to produce safer, more effective consumer products in the world without the use of harmful or toxic ingredients, and demejorar health, wealth and happiness of people around the world.

Neways has helped hundreds of thousands of independent distributors in over 23 countries to achieve financial independence, greater freedom, and improved health. Even if you decide to simply be a single consumer, safer alternatives available are with Neways International. is an executive level with the Neways Distributor. She has had a lifelong interest in health and nutrition, and currently seeks to educate the public about the dangers of harmful ingredients and toxins in common everyday personal care products and cosmetics.

02 October
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Ho Chi Minh City

Cinnamon slippers help against Fussgschweiss and smell cinnamon slippers are usually open-toed shoes, such as sandals, flip flops, flip flops or slippers, cinnamon was incorporated into the sole. Cinnamon has been used as a remedy for high blood pressure and poor blood circulation in the ancient Egypt and China 3000 years BC. Early people recognized the positive effects of cinnamon, more specifically, its essential oils on the body, especially on the soles of the feet, and so one carved wooden shoes made of the wood of the cinnamon tree. In the 80s they arrived in Viet Nam on the idea simply to work 30 to 40 grams of cinnamon in the soles of shoes. So are the shoes from the medical school in Ho Chi Minh City have been tested and registered in Viet Nam under the register number 1487 as exclusive invention.

The effect of cinnamon can unfold full after all, most manufacturers use to produce cinnamon slippers solely on natural products as: cotton, jute, bamboo, seagrass or Loofah. Used mostly for more solid shoes or running shoes Natural rubber, due to its durability. The essential oils in the cinnamon, which are absorbed through the skin, affect the body sweat-absorbent, soothing, warming, support the blood circulation and regulates the temperature of the feet. Thus, cinnamon slippers of course appeal to a wide range of people. The warming effect of the cinnamon is for people who suffer cold feet very useful. As well as people with sweaty feet that sweat-absorbing mode of action and the pleasant smell of cinnamon can make.

But even people who have no such problems, use cinnamon pine like and often due to the calming effect, the pleasant smell and its positive effect on blood pressure and blood circulation. In addition to the medical action, many people also appreciate the natural products comprise cinnamon slippers. Therefore, they are very popular among environmentally conscious people and are also reflects of a certain lifestyle. The general social trend to more Environmental awareness and the fact that the cinnamon slippers include oases and cures, for some years to the standard offer of wellness, led to enjoy cinnamon shoes in all social classes and groupings become great popularity and acceptance. Another advantage of the cinnamon slippers is the price. So most of these shoes of less or approximately 10 cost. The only downside of the cinnamon slippers: Because the manufacturers almost always on plastics, adhesives and chemicals without the shoes have a relatively short life, but, something given the price, not really in the weight. Marco white

23 April
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Hair Extensions

Many lovers of the present fashion leaving the beauty salon with no results, because the master refused to make the process of building on their hair. And this is the mass of motives, which are solved in the process of diagnosis hair of each individual client. You can get hair extensions, only if your hair has a long at least 5-7 inches. But if your natural strands of insufficient length, no modern technology and devices for hair will not help you. During hormonal surges, pregnant women and adolescents hair is very fragile and thin, in this regard should consider whether people in these categories capacity.

The fact that the procedure probably will damage your hair. But some experts, on the contrary, think that accrued curls will develop the muscles of the head and improve the structure of hair. Every expert who trained hair extensions will say that it is forbidden to carry out the procedure for people who make a course of chemotherapy. Certainly should give up on hair extensions, if you have the skin of the head has high anaphylaxis. In addition, the undesirable hair extensions to people suffering from vascular dystonia in her a strong manifestation.

Not ignoring the ban, the results of hair may be sad. African braids for African braids bans small. You can weave hair synthetic – kanekalon, trade them all being in beauty salons, in the presence of native-long hair in just three or four centimeters. Of course, if you are ill, vegetative dystonia should be very cautious, and, for sure, even move the braiding until the appropriate time. When you create an African braids, less important thickness of your hair and health. As a consequence you can afford to build such a hairstyle even bleached curls or strands after a perm. Hair extensions and weaving afrokosichek depends on the master who will hold it. Therefore, we must give up their hair only in the hands of highly qualified professionals who can keep you from building up in the event that it is contraindicated to you, and make the procedure correctly, if your hair definitely ready for it.

18 April
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Proper Hair Care

Hair Care Hair – is not only a protective covering of the head, but also a great way to emphasize their individuality by resorting to the original haircut, styling and coloring hair. But to have more freedom to experiment over their own appearance, must have a certain "reserve" healthy hair. Therefore, to first consider the types of hair, which is necessary hair care products and proper hair washing. Normal hair – smooth and shiny as a mirror. Healthy hair resilient and after washing preserve freshness for several days. Normal hair is very rare, regardless of whether you live in a city or gassed away from the charms of urbanization.

Beautiful hair – it's not only really expensive jewelry possessor or owner, but also the indicator of good health and stress resistance. Oily hair have a dull shine – it is easy to distinguish from the light healthy hair oily to the touch and a very short period of time dirty. At the level of fat hair affects the location of the sebaceous glands of the head – than they are closer, the higher the fat content. Unfortunately, for it is impossible to influence. But reduce the fat content of the hair is still possible – the methods and means, we consider later. Dry hair is dull, almost did not reflect the incident light, and very brittle. Dry hair is easily confused and torn, heavily comb and on tips. Unlike greasy hair with dry hair is due to improper feeding and care, rather than the individual structure of the human body. Connect with other leaders such as Bruce Shalett here.

26 January
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Smokey Eyes

The makeup gives great prominence to the eyes this season. The eyes are smoked or smoked trend and have been on the runways and in fashion editorials. While smoky eyes are very bright, it is difficult to get that kind of makeup if you follow the steps to share with you. Instruments is important to prepare before starting the makeover, need makeup brushes, eye shadow, kohl pencil or eyeliner. Ultra Wellness Center has much to offer in this field. First thing we do is to hydrate the skin with a cream. Apply a little even on the eyelids and then use loose powder, eye only need a small amount. With this trick we will make eye shadows remain in place throughout the day and not move to areas of fat.

1. We outline the inside of the eyes with black pencil and lash line. Now smudge with your finger or a swab of the ears. 2. Review with the applicator of shadows the lash line with a little black shadow with a movement from inside to outside of the eye. Do not put too much quantity, will achieve better results with a light application. 3.

If you want you can draw a line with the eyeliner to highlight even more the area. Ahora only plays to practice to get that look feminine and enigmatic! To complete the look, all we need to outline and fill in lips with a lipstick in a natural tone and similar to our lips. The final touch is a bit of gloss. You can get that look with a seductive smoky eyes perfectly delineated. Carie Mercier Lafond is an economist and expert on beauty and styling. It karysabeauty director. com a website dedicated to the ethnic beauty products, tips and tricks to enhance the unique style of each woman.

19 August
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Wellness Break

Fit and stay with wellness short holiday to be probably Prime and healthy to live, you must return what the body at what he gleistet already has. So can you be with wellness break well revonschieren. Forget the everyday life and to focus only on its own is the prerequisite for wellness. Human blood, hardly anyone is wondering what day should bring our blood in the body for services. The blood is and remains a multi-talent in the body. An adult has 4.5 liters of blood that is pumped from the heart throughout the body, so that the red elixir of life can carry out important functions. The blood transports oxygen from the lungs to the organs, on the way back it takes carbon dioxide which is exhaled from the lungs again. See more detailed opinions by reading what Nancy-Ann_DeParle offers on the topic.. Plus, it promoted a lot of vitamins, minerals and hormones throughout the body and bringing the waste to the liver and the kidneys, where they are mined.

Also in the summer, when we sweat, or after exercise, if we have a through the effort Red Head have, it means nothing other than that more blood flows through the veins to the excess heat. In cold blood works exactly the other way around. One is pale cold means that less blood on the surface of the body flows to keep the heat in the body. Blood is so logistics, disposer and air conditioning in one. Blood tests are standard tests in medicine. As a body police”to get the various pathogens to the bottom in the blood. An increased blood sugar may indicate diabetes, a higher cholesterol levels may be a sign of a heart attack or stroke. Also with injuries blood ensures that it cannot come to great loss of blood because blood clotting provides that can close small wounds quickly and heal.

Major injuries but only a physician can help a. These are just a few reasons why you should be exercising, and pay attention to his health. Healthy eating, plenty of exercise and healthy lifestyle are the simplest things that you should consider to stay healthy. Also regular appointments for checkups at the doctor give security and certainty. A wellness break can be the best prevention against diseases, to switch to other, better way of life. Of course is necessary to follow the rules even after the Spa. A sense of well-being and body sensation is set in short. However by the doctor a disease already diagnosed, he can recommend an appropriate cure travel to avoid even worse consequences. Is also healthy spirit in a healthy body, our grandmothers have said that and vice versa can be applied also this proverb.

04 March
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Complexion: Your New Best Friend ?

Have you ever known a sun worshiper, one of those people who never quite manages to get a dark tan? They are always looking for that new product that will break their newest tanning plateau and deepen their color even more. Some of them are the lucky few who's skin tans easily. Rarely burn, and after a few hours in the sun, there will be the appearance of most of us after a Caribbean vacation long. The rest of us, however, is left to envy these lucky few, as we know damn few hours in the sun are caused by at least a week of peeling, dry havoc, red skin, not to mention the multitude of fine lines and wrinkles that will surely follow. That is, until recent years have seen the latest generation and greater self-tan products.

You do not have to suffer the natural orange color, the intense odor, or the disappearance of the ugly old self tanners. Self tanning today, at least the quality are formulated to give every user an even, natural tan that lasts longer, has a dark brown instead of orange or red, and fades like a real tan. There are even spray good "several" Self Tanning services offered by many tanning salons for those who do not feel comfortable with the application of oneself. I've only personally tried the Mystic Tan salon service, and that looks pretty good for about two days, but fades in what looks like spots or freckles (not very attractive I can assure you).

20 December
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Tan For Your Wedding

The day of your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. When you definitely want to look their best. How would you feel if that special occasion was spoiled by his skin shows a lot of ugly brown stains, or worse, if you woke up in a day of her wedding, looked in the mirror and discovered that have become a pumpkin orange? What a terrifying thought! However, very possible. And yet, every time you go to any forum of the wedding, you’ll find that many brides-to-be see their first Spray Tan on the eve of her wedding day! That’s just not the way to do it! (Sorry for shouting, but have seen some spray tanning disasters that would make the skin crawl of the bride). The fact is, the solution spray tanning is a cosmetic, and like any cosmetic that can be compatible with the skin, or may not! The surest way to get a spray tan is ideal for your wedding: 1. Find a salon technician using spray Open tanning solution or a solution with very little bronzer (that way the bronzer will not get in your pores, and stain your wedding dress.) 2. Learn how to prepare before your spray tan, so spray tan will have a better chance to get even. 3.

Having a tan light as possible. Do not go for holidays “Bahamas” variety “, get” just a glow. “4. For heaven’s sake, have a trial run! Especially if you’ve never had a spray tan before. In this way you can see as their skin reacts to the solution, and what precautions should be taken (eg more barrier cream dry ankles) for the next time so perfect. 5.

They have a trial run in the same room will have a spray tan for your wedding. If you are having your wedding away from his hometown, to a ring around the city where your wedding will take place and find out what solution they use. Then find the same in his hometown and test it. 6. In test time of spray tan, buy a bottle of touch to the solution and learn to use it correctly. 7. Take special care of hands and feet. To be on show at their wedding, so it is better to apply more cream barrier before and after spray tan in touch if necessary instead of finishing with brown spots. 8. Learn to care for your tan then so expand and hydration products, so your perfect tan will last longer than her wedding night. Can I get a spray tan ideal for your wedding? Is it worth all the extra bother? Will it create enough visible results to justify the cost? SA SA SA! Spray a tan will give you a wonderful glow that will make your eyes sparkle, shine, and give you the best smile ever. And how does that look on the underwear of a body that is tanned all over? Spray Tan For Your Wedding? What ????? fantastic idea, provided that you do it right. Warzecha Boshena TanXtreme is an owner of a solarium spray in Byron Bay. He has also written a spray tanning guide