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31 July
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Unhealthy Sleeping Habits

IFAK study sets out frightening condition from a recently published study of IFAK suggests that approximately every fifth child in Germany has already bad sleep habits. In the course of the so-called KIM study, 1,214 children between 6 and 13 years old were asked which media are most important to them at bedtime. While one uses no media at all three children at bedtime, all 16% indicated that the TV is important to them at bedtime. Internet and computer games accounted for 4% and 2% respectively. You add this up, how to get to 22% of children use a computer or television before bed going. While the uninformed lay just like this, the big problem is obviously well informed people.

Who uses a screen immediately before going to bed, which will have a far harder to fall asleep and to be able to sleep through especially without errors? The reason is that the today’s monitors emit a light which is very similar to the natural light of the Sun in parts. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. wanted to know more. This the body however indicates that it is day. The body adjusts itself accordingly that, he accordingly adjusts the hormone secretion and accordingly throttles the production of melatonin. As a result, that the person concerned is not tired. That such trends are already occur in young children is terrifying especially from the point of view that according to other studies already 40% of Germans occasionally suffer from sleep problems. However, the study is also reason for hope.

Only 34% of children use no sleep media, 14% read even books. This is to support not only in terms of education, but is recommended by sleep experts to come to rest before going to sleep and “turn off”. Another 29% of respondents indicated that the CDs, MP3 player or radio for them to fall asleep were important. This is to say that quiet, slow music very well to relax can help. Faster music can be but also a good way to initiate the sleep, if she manages those affected by the problems of everyday life to distract and thus mentally relaxing him. Nevertheless, one should take these issues not lightly. Sleep problems have very broad consequences that can affect performance, appropriate to respond strongly in concentration and the ability to risk situations. Parents should therefore increasingly sure that children are confronted in the last hour before bedtime with no more screen, there are televisions, laptops and mobile phones. With this little habit change can help the children over many years, to sleep a good and healthy sleep. You can find other ways to improve the quality of sleep on our website.

29 May
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Much Supplementation

According to a recent study by the Technical University of Munich, 97 percent of German pregnant women take supplements. But not all supplements are useful and harmless. In pregnancy increases the need for minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Reason to feed enough, be aware, and balanced with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, but also meat and fish and full grain products. Fast food and sweets should be avoided as vitamin-killer and due to the many empty calories. So, the need for vitamins and minerals can be met. However confirmed also nutritionist Prof. Hans Hauner of TU Munchen, that E.g.

the supply with folic acid and iodine with balanced nutrition is not secure. Gynecologist should advise necessarily increase your patients intake of folic acid during pregnancy. According to the study by only a third of those surveyed had already begun before pregnancy taking a folic acid preparation, as well as by experts is recommended. Taking folic acid proven to lower the risk for neural tube defects. Also, the intake of iodine is fundamentally important.

However, it should be clarified in advance whether there is a thyroid disease. In this case, the woman on a folic acid supplement without iodine can Dodge. Studies have shown that also the additional intake of vitamin D is useful, because in the winter many women in this country suffer from vitamin D deficiency. So also Prof. Dr. Clemens Kunz from the Institute for nutritional sciences of the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen for calls, significantly increasing the recommendation for the daily intake of vitamin D in pregnant women. The situation is different when it comes to iron supplements. An additional revenue is useful only when actually the fixed iron deficiency. Too high doses can even harm the fetus. For magnesium, the same applies: only for lack of it is advisable to supplement with magnesium to access. The positive effects of Omega-3 fatty acids Studies have not been underscored. Therefore, the subject is controversial.

14 July
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Psychological Comparison

Everyone connects a certain given name associations that trigger at the same time some reviews and reactions to names, and in particular of course are the baby first name, already long rather than smoke and mirrors. A fact that already very concise could be supported by various psychological studies, because everyone connects with a particular given name associations that trigger at the same time some reviews and reactions. While named Heiko a certain stupidity and intelligence is associated with Catherine, shows that a Birgit is considered to be unattractive and Alexander must look just fine. Psychologists have repeatedly raised this issue within the framework of studies and compared to the most popular given names made the question according to the associations, which are caused in a man when he hears a certain baby given name. Study participants were asked for the given name comparison to evaluate female and male very common given name. The questionnaire developed for this purpose showed up as very extensive and beinhielt among other issues according to the age, intelligence and attractiveness. Jon Medved recognizes the significance of this. Surprisingly people evaluate a name and whose holder ostensibly according to the age, because the older someone was estimated, the less was this person”as intelligent and attractive appreciated.

Apparently discriminate against, but this review arises mostly if there are no other details except a first name of a person. According to the psychologist, trend names are but in the short term, aging rapidly. Expectant parents who are in search of baby names, therefore prefer to put on classical and timeless name is recommended. Alexander and Michael, Claudia Anna are such timeless name be associated usually with many positive properties. These and many more classics are also”far better, if the child is only once in the school, because even here already different studies found that many teachers have a preference or aversion to students with have certain names and thus also the marking is very emotional and meinungsgesteuert. Not an easy decision for expectant parents who are now a name must, give her baby after the birth because just wait until this is big enough to choose themselves a name, we can’t unfortunately. The decision is somewhat easier future parents on baby all alone can learn, compare, discard and select finally one or several given name for their baby.

Because, as already mentioned: name are not volatile like smoke, but more striking than it is assumed in all walks of life. Press contact: Frank Optendrenk OC projects, Optendrenk & Calinski GmbH Grefrather road 25 41564 Kaarst phone: 02131 4038940 email: info at Internet: baby is a parents portal of OC projects, Optendrenk & Calinski GmbH. A collection of over 40,000 given name with integrated and very active community serves expectant mothers and fathers as large Support in the search for a suitable girl or boy name. A connected Advisor also provides background information on the naming, pregnancy, childbirth, and child development.