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25 March
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Scientists Knowledge on Health

We know ourselves very little. Anu Saad spoke with conviction. It's a proven fact. According to scientists all over the world people use in their daily lives according to various sources from 5 to 10% capacity. When we begin to know yourself better? Then, when the fall in extreme situations or when we begin to seriously address them. Tend to engage in an we begin when we pripechet when there's nowhere to go.

I mean our precious health. So it was and with me at the time of the decision to do jogging, my health was in pretty poor condition. Rise to the fifth floor prevented shortness of breath, increased markedly the stomach, and increased blood pressure. There were all the signs of inactivity. And then, in its 45 years, I started jogging. He began to work on the book which were recommended to start with a slow continuous run 6 minutes a day.

It was very difficult to run, fast breath, go to step to restore breathing. Of course, before the start of training should consult with your doctor. Especially if you have heart problems. In the case of the big problems with health jogging should begin with slow walking, gradually increasing the load. After 1.5-2 months, I noticed that the gaps between the restoration of breathing when I moved a step decrease and the duration of the run increases. So I saw the growth of its fitness. It gave me new strength to continue his training. Now I want to tell you about one very important respect. At the beginning of this process, you will have to force myself to go out and run. It is not easy and it's not easy! To get up early in the morning to go workout in any weather, endure pain in the leg muscles. At this stage, many people drop out of training. Need to show perseverance and patience. It is very important to regularly! Will have to wait when there will be first results, feel better, you will be confident in their abilities. Early successes will further encourage you to continue your workout. According to the book with which I began my training run, we had every month to add a few minutes duration of continuous running. Imperceptibly to himself six months later I had reached the length of continuous running for 30 minutes. And by the end of the year, jogging, duration continuous run reached, 1.5 hours. This was the result, which I never would have believed before I started jogging. I've never so much did not run for the duration of life. Even in the army. In addition to improving health, employment running gave me some sort of quiet confidence. What used to irritate me somewhere to go away. It became easier to live!

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