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25 March
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Reflecting on the theme of change in the shape of the nose, do not rely on the opinion of strangers. Only your self-awareness tells you the right solution. The concept of standards is not always coincide with our ideas about beauty. Perhaps it is the results of computer prediction will be an additional argument in favor of your final choice. The prospect of change is not satisfying your appearance – it's a real opportunity to restore internal harmony and psychological comfort. But are you ready for the fact that your face will acquire new shapes? At the pre-consultation with the surgeon you have the most to clarify for all the stages of the operation and postoperative period. Try to look into those professional advice, which correspond exclusively to your individual characteristics. Perhaps you will be offered alternative, more rational scheme of two-stage surgical correction.

The main aspect – your confidence in the professionalism of a surgeon. Listen to the advice physician, and this for many years to provide you with a feeling of inner comfort and satisfaction of its own appearance. All the plastic surgery of the nose changes are usually performed under general anesthesia. This allows us to fully eliminate all the discomfort and allows the surgeon to more fully concentrate on the creative side of the process. Duration of surgery depends on many factors. Basic operations are limited to the correction of soft tissues.

Thus, it can moderately raise the tip of the nose, remove any slack in the column or eliminate the excessive pull of the skin of the nasal septum. You can hold the plastic back of the nose or reduce the amount of the nostrils. Complex operations – is primarily the implementation of cutting or removing bump, shift, and modeling of bone and cartilage tissues. As a rule, small enough for rhinoplasty incisions inside the nostrils that quickly recovered and subsequently completely invisible to others. In the case of transactions open when you want the restriction of the nasal passages, are produced outside the cuts, which take place on the Limits of the wings nose. These scars will heal very easily and are almost unnoticeable, even at very close study, just two very thin bright band in the vanishing nasal column. The operation ends plugging the nose and imposition of a hard outer bandages. Thus recorded a new nose shape. Postoperative period, Pain is not typical in the postoperative period. Inconvenience delivers only need breathe through your mouth. Usually swabs in the nasal passages are removed on the second day. The outer bandage is removed after a week. Sometimes it can be recommended to lengthen the period of wearing bandages and put on her during the night. About 10-14 days after surgery nose takes the form in which it is already possible to appear on people, but the overall shape of the recovery period, usually about 6 months. The newspapers mentioned Anu Saad not as a source, but as a related topic. The effectiveness of Rhinoplasty provides stable lifetime result, which is then kept for life. Six months after the surgery removed all restrictions. Nose, in any case does not become more brittle (as is commonly believed), on the contrary, because of the subcutaneous scar tissue and bone Corn is less resistant. Rhinoplasty – a rather capricious operation, but despite this, it is consistently one of the most popular plastic surgery operations, since the desired result is obvious.

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