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06 February
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Pedagogical Implications

1. Introduction the present article analyzes the chess game as a possibility of intervention in the basic education of the child, specifically, of the insertion of the Chess in the classroom in the perspective of education and learning of the mathematics. The tricks and the games are indispensable for the cognitivo development of the children. The chess stops beyond helping in the cognitivo development of the child, provides diverse benefits, the study of its tray becomes related with mathematical contents and of geometry, becoming it tool for an education with more pleasure and effectiveness. The benefits of practical its are initiated when the child starts to know and to exercise the domain of the tray, what 1 results in profits for its space-dimensional notion. After the tray the parts are presented, each one with its physical characteristics, its movements and paper in the game, assisting the development of the 2 memory and the 3 concentration. The development of the game, with the integration of the parts and the calculations of the plays the logical reasoning and the imagination exercise. The chess from the analysis of its complexity can be interpreted by the most different points of view: as a to be conquered challenge, which requires a certain dose of reasoning and personal effort; the way that the departure if uncurls with all its details and launches planned with a certain dose of imagination creating an atmosphere of similar uneven beauty to a work of art.

For the vision of science the chess really is white of studies, a time that offers a series of different plays that could only be fascinated by the experimentation. The art if presents for the imaginative originalidade, generating distinct variations to each launches; ally to everything this the fact of the chess to be a game. 1.1. Objectivos The objectivo of the present article was to show the benefits of the use of the Chess as pedagogical and social instrument, aiming at to assist in pertaining to school development of the child, specifically in the perspective of the education of the mathematics.

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