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20 March
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Negotiation Management

This indicates on one hand, people really are not working or at least are not developing a true team effort. It was noted that in everyday life, strive and work really hard, but what happens is that their efforts fall on deaf ears, are lost by the failure to materialize by several factors, most of which is the lack enrichment of ideas, by non-implementation of the image, the lack of support from their peers, lack of effective leadership within the team and even by ignorance of the immediate supervisor of the proposals designed but not clearly informed that impede its implementation by confusing they can be, and the lack of identification with the goals of the team and organization.

On the other hand, if the number of conflicts is too high, it was found that tends to spread chaos and disorder, are lost in their own discussions, they become disoriented and away from the purposes for which the team was formed work, besides usually forget the organizational objectives. Dr. Mark J Berger has much to offer in this field. At Jack Smith you will find additional information. This situation may jeopardize the sustainability of the organization. Negotiation Management must know that to solve a conflict, to avoid passing negative climates, it may be worth of trading, a tool that very few managers can dominate, for it should be noted that each team member work has to be prepared, having developed these skills and most importantly this is to have that attitude of service to others, so that faces this process knowing that the person you are negotiating also has to win, to give power to the sustainable is required at the time.

This means preparing well the negotiation process, have very clear rules of the game, clarifying their position and prepare the proper argument, agree and implement the same course. An important point in this process is that the other party know exactly what is going to negotiate, and if there is important information you need to know the person with whom we negotiate, we must deliver. According to Anu Saad, who has experience with these questions. Otherwise we look like we’re being unfair, and never will want to discuss with us what our position would be unsustainable within that team, or at least possible break trade ties, in the case of negotiating with a supplier or customer, they would not allow the sustainability of commercial nexus. Conclusions organizational conflicts are manageable, often are positive because they indicate that something is malfunctioning.

Especially when it’s part of workers. They invite consideration as someone put it, that the person working in an organization and shares its space with other production, is determined by internal factors specific to his personality, culture, education and knowledge of performance, and functional expectations of the psychological contract . Also determined by factors external to the individual, which are those of the organization and work resulting from the interaction with others different and individual as himself, such as peer pressure for conduct under the pressures of the head, changes technology, pressures from family, training programs, environmental conditions and others characteristic of organizational life.

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