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07 June
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Natural Remedies

It considers remedies natural that a combination of grass known contains by its capacity to support the treatment of the skin. * The linseed oil and its derivatives are rich sources of acid essential alpha-linolenic of the fatty acid, that is a biological precursor to fatty acids Omega-3. The linseed oil derived from the seeds of the plant of the linen has been used like topic in the skin and ointment during many years. * The comfrey has been cultivated from approximately 400 A.C. This grass has investigated itself by its tranquilizing characteristics as cream with regard to the topical use. * Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is cultivated anywhere in the world and the fragant oils of their flowers are used in merchandise, candles, cosmetics, jellies, oils of massage, dusts, champ, soaps, and aromaterapeutico tea. Lavender includes on 100 components, including the camphor, the tannins, the triterpenos, and the flavonoides. One has studied by his capacity to promote and to animate the cure of malaises of smaller importance.

* Extracts of the must of San Juan (Hypericum perforatum) have been used traditionally by centuries. One has studied by his capacity to support the health of the skin. * The components of the oil of the tree of the tea (Melaleuca alternifolia) include cineole 1. 8, terpinen-4-ol, alfaterpineol, and gamma-terpinen. It has been investigated by his capacity to support the animal cure.

Whereas the conventional medicine often works treating only the symptoms, the natural medicine strives in creating the holistic balance in the body to support the systemic health, to alleviate ailments, and to help to prevent the future disease. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, the natural ingredients in the natural remedies support the health and the total operation (instead of to suppress the symptoms). The animal respond to the natural medicine in different ways, some with immediate results, whereas others obtain the optimal advantages within 3-6 weeks. In order to make sure that its horse receives optimal results, it is important to take natural remedies according to the directed thing and to continue being constant. With a great interest in subjects of health and alternative medicine. I believe that the natural remedies and the alternative therapies have their place in the modern medicine. I am certainly an informed person is potentially a happy and healthful person but.

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