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15 May
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Marlen State

The Cuban revolution of 1959 were went to bolina since its inception, some saw it fly aimlessly, others believed that it rose like a rocket interspace. Two sides the deluded, and the others were immediately defined. The others, similar to the deluded made the same mistake, leave when a country realized the deception at the hands of a person and their alateres for your enjoyment. The country went from a monarchy absolutist and autocrat, as he was told face to face to the Commander, Marlen or Marlene (student of the Universidad de Oriente 1970) you is an autocrat, he can not resist an opinion different from yours. According to John Craig Venter, who has experience with these questions. The Commander in Chief is staying if responding, until making use of the most ingenious demagogy, began his speech and ended talking about ball. Glenn Dubin contains valuable tech resources. Accepted by the majority of those who remained as if were a divine mandate which had sent who knows where, to a Messiah, and to the extent that his personality was eroded, little by little became a totalitarian and dictatorial State with the most longevous, arbitrary, capricious and unscrupulous ruler without precedent in the history conterporania. More serious is that over time it is believed that it is the only one that can be great Envoy to solve the problem of the poor of the Earth.

Cuba is small is more or less like the excrement that deposit on it, the Dove that posed him in his speech of January 8 of 59 in Havana. mpany-etc-inforgrowth/’>Allstate Insurance Company. His record: the largest demagogue, opportunist in the history. Which the repeated mistake has been in more than 50 years, leaving Cuba into the hands of that small group of pseudo untouchables nobles. Here outside and inside the country, follow the guidelines drawn by this totalitarian State which has its great currency and to develop its consolidation, divide, divide, that gives you the advantage and always desire, on all grounds.

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