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05 May
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Madrid Soccer

Here we refer especially to people who are perfectly healthy and have no physical disability, who want to be coaches or already working as such and that as young people do not care about its condition and appearance when in this section should be an example for players direct. yComo you tell a child to run if you do not see you ever? yComo you tell a boy who must eat less that this high weight when to you on 10 or 12 kilos and do not care at all your food? yComo you can ask your players to work hard and continuously move during a game when you are the example of a sedentary lifestyle personified as you spend your workouts almost without moving or even seeing them sitting on the bench? If you base coach where the media often lacking, at least when compared to professional teams, you have to play different roles in the preparation of your team. There are, for example, the coach of Real Madrid, who has three or four trainers at your disposal. In your team trainer you mismoa a tu, sometimes you have to run with your kids, sometimes you will need to teach specific exercise and you will have to do your first as an example for your pupils look like it is and if minimally’re not in shape, Sometimes you can not do or even the repetition of such and other occasions for making an effort that are not used to run the risk of getting injured, and the least evil that can happen is that the next day you meet your shoelaces own which is not used to make not the smallest physical activity. There is no doubt that the image of a coach wins respect from his players when they see this as a coach, athlete and exercise is, of course not enough with that, the coach has to have many qualities make the consideration of the template, but the above help and is not the same to an image in line with the profession or an activity that plays within the sport, to give a completely contrary to what this signifies, when someone serves as technical (any discipline) and looks pretty sloppy especially in terms of excess weight, in addition to damage their health, well-prepared for this as far as knowledge is concerns, make its case, the theory and practice are completely divergent paths. Examples: yQue image gives a doctor who smokes in front of your patients? yQue think if your driving school teacher skips red lights? yTe trust a nutritionist when you go to your question for you to put on a diet to lose weight and see that this is an obese person? If going to make a treatment to prevent hair loss and you see the specialist course is completely bald, you would think? a Oeno worth it to say, do what I say and not what I do, psychologically not very effective.

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