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25 February
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Learning from Experience

How can a man love a car? How can we assess a person more than another only by their clothing? How can we love or hate the individuals of one race as if they were one person? The key to answering these questions involves the conversion of the actual entity into an object of emotional expression or perception. The emotional level is the level of what we understand or recognize as understood, remembered and finished in our minds, if you feel an emotion about the fact there is no need for further discussion “you’ve caught.” The person tends to remember more easily to people who, either form, have shaken an emotional bond, even if it is not, even temporarily. Human relationships and preferences on individuals and groups generated in emotionally charged moments are more durable and radicals, as in a football game or a war. For even more details, read what Mark Hyman, MD says on the issue. The great wars of today are increasingly difficult to understand by the classical economic models which for decades used to explain the historical wars of the past millenia. Official site: Eva Andersson-Dubin. Human beings experience an emotion usually involves a set of cognitions, attitudes and beliefs about the world, which we use to assess a given situation, and therefore influence the way they perceived the situation.

For a long time emotions have been considered minor and he has always been given more prominence to the most rational human being. But the emotions, being emotional states indicate personal inner states, motivations, desires, needs and even objectives. However, it is difficult to tell from the excitement which will be the future conduct of the individual, but can help us intuit. We just have a few months of life, acquire basic emotions like fear, anger or joy. Some animals share with us such basic emotions, which in humans are becoming more complex due to language, because we use symbols, signs and meanings. Each individual experiences a particular emotion so, depending on your past experiences, learning, character and situation. Some of the physiological and behavioral reactions that trigger the emotions are innate, while others can be purchased. Definitely one must be attentive to the stimuli that give life to emotions, it is necessary to know, know how to react, where are our weaknesses, what has been our reaction to learning to emotions, those that have surfaced in us and and have left traces, and we determine the positive and negative, we know how to act and prevent the negative’s return.

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