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25 May
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Environmental Protection

Installation and maintenance of ball valves (DM 11s69p, 11s79p, etc.) are allowed to deal only with persons carefully studied the manual. In addition to them should be held a safety. Persons servicing valves must surely be respected safety and environmental protection. Ball valves should be installed at locations convenient for maintenance and repair. Allowed any provision cranes on the pipeline. For safe operation of ball valves should not use them when operating temperatures are above mentioned in the passport for the product. Get more background information with materials from Haley Barbour. It is impossible to repair the valve if the pipe on which it is installed under pressure. Cranes must be used exactly as prescribed, ie, as indicated in the passport and the manual.

Before installing the valves are subjected to thorough examination and verification. Attaching the crane to pipeline should be made without distortions and constrictions. To avoid contact with the inner cavity of the crane, as well as on the surface of the globe, foreign particles, it should keep it in the open position. Closing the tap by turning the knob clockwise, the opening – by turning counterclockwise. Institute of Medicine oftentimes addresses this issue. When the valve ball is in the closed position, the handle is perpendicular to the movement of the working environment. In the operation of ball valves should conduct periodic inspections by certain dates.

When inspections should check the tightness of seals and condition of the cover crane. In the case of fault, repair of ball valve. Collected after troubleshooting ball valves should be tested for leaks omental node and the gate. Storage and transport conditions are governed by gost 21345-78.

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