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10 March
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Complexities of Life

People say "life is a complicated thing? I do not understand them, how life can be complicated? Nothing is easier does not happen! How I came to this, they ask me? It was hard, I answer, because life is complicated stuff. Thus here, a simple and logical at first look around the world is full of paradoxes. We are often confused in the intricacies of reality, sometimes ignoring the obvious things. Although we often notice that something we do not have enough in this life. We do not have enough money, time, and some things. Get it all, we realize that we still something lacking. In the pursuit of success and status, we forgot about the most important, his inner peace and health. That depends on our personal freedom and success.

Real success it does not achieve a single goal, and the collection of vital victories, support for which is an internal svoboda.Chasto we are looking for a successful or famous people to emulate it. But we do not understand why we fail to be the same, because we like and even feels the same way. We are confident that no nothing worse than Luda on tv and film heroes. We may even be better! Then why do we have nothing happen? What prevents us to go forward? Thoughts and beliefs are not real power, but only a veil and tinsel, which distracts us from this inner strength and svobody.Put for freedom is not easy, but this is the paradox of life, as a free man living is easy. The apparent huge speed of modern life does not stop us at least a couple of minutes and understand the processes occurring inside a person, are much more correct and faster. Health, clear mind, freedom from prejudice and negative beliefs, is the key to inner strength. Your freedom has always been and will only be in your hands, you just open it in yourself.

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