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07 May
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Carbohydrate Diet

Do you think that it is better not carbohydrates in your food? Do you know how many carbs daily foods should eat? Do you know that foods contain carbohydrates? Do believes hold opinions that carbohydrates list as negative? Do you know the advantages of eating protein daily, but how many carbohydrates that are necessary foods are recommended with security? Not totally eliminate meals that contain carbohydrates because I would be making a mistake, is that you are trying to lose weight or just want to eat healthy, prodia confused with the news that you hear about carbohydrates. The ideal is to achieve an equal balance between all the important elements of our daily diet. We learn that they are carbohydrates, so they serve and cause our body if we exceed the daily consumption. Carbohydrates that are two types of carbohydrates that are simples and compounds. The carbohydrate is sugar composed of carbon and hydrogen, or I hydrate of carbon. It’s believed that Somatic Experiencing sees a great future in this idea.

Simple carbohydrates are composed of one or more molecules and have sweet taste, all carbohydrates are converted to sugar, so it makes us feel energy. The quantity of sugar produced by these carbohydrates is called glycemic load, this is the reason why these make us gain weight when we exceed your consumption. Glenn Dubin, New York City wanted to know more. Carbohydrates food needed, especially if they are complex, have no taste as sweet since they are strings longer molecules. They produce energy more time but remain in our body in a manner much more prolongada. Many fruits and vegetables contain a low glycemic load and are converted into sugar more slowly than starches or breads. When these take time turned into sugar and do so uniform is because they contain a low glycemic index, avoid simple carbohydrates and your body will feel in balance and will have less cravings or anxiety of eating. That amount of carbohydrates are advisable… The amount of simple carbohydrates we consume daily and excess are the cause of overweight.

Without having to say No carbs in food or place them on a blacklist carbohydrates, must choose the desirable that provide us with fuel or important power for healthy living and eating them in appropriate portions. We need an amount of calories for the functions of our body, or if you prefer high quality fuel, then the choice should be compound carbohydrates since they are the most effective for the well-being and healthy. Although athletes require greater amounts of carbohydrates during their practices, they also must choose carbohydrates composed in the majority of cases.

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