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25 May
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BETA Training Academy

Recognition of health insurance offers several training for relaxation and Pilates the SAFS & BETA Training Academy, which are recognised by many statutory health insurance in the context of article 20 SGB. Statutory health insurance health courses in the fields of action can support movement, nutrition, relaxation and addiction (smoking cessation), certain criteria must be met. A trainer or provider of the course must have a basic qualification in the context of article 20 SBG, such as a certified sports and gymnastics teacher /-in, diploma instructor /-in, or physical therapist /-in, on the other hand, he needed a recognised additional qualification from a recognised Training Institute. The SAFS & BETA is recognized as additional qualification relaxation coach by many statutory health insurance. “” Training to relaxation coach consists of the 3-day Base module fundamentals of relaxation “and the 2-day advanced module relaxation coach”.

“” In addition to the definitions of the terms stress “and relaxation” and especially the technique of progressive muscle relaxation is the learning of various relaxation methods according to Jakobson (PMR progressive muscle relaxation). The conclusion of the SAFS & BETA Pilates matwork A license in combination with a basic qualification meets the requirements to prevention classes in the context of article 20 SGB V paragraph 1 offered. Many statutory health insurance companies recognize the Pilates matwork A license as an additional qualification.

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