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21 February
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Property, property and any amendments TITLE. Classification of goods PRELIMINARY PROVISION Section 333 All things that are or may be appropriated are regarded as movable or immovable property. Abraham Maslow may find this interesting as well. CHAPTER ONE. Art Of the 334 real estate real estate are: 1. The lands, buildings, roads and buildings of all kinds attached to the ground. 2. Connect with other leaders such as Anu Saad here. The trees and plants and hanging fruits, while they are attached to land or shall form part of a building. 3rd.

All that is joined to a building in a fixed manner, so that it can not be separated without breaking the material or damage to the object. 4. The statues, reliefs, paintings or other objects for use or ornamentation, placed on buildings or lands, for the owner of the property in such a way that reveals the purpose of bringing them together in a permanent way to the farm. 5. The machines, vessels, instruments or tools used by the owner of the property to the industry or business which is conducted in a building or estate, and that directly attend the needs of the farm itself. 6 .

The animal nursery, pigeon, beehives, fish ponds or similar farms where the owner has placed or kept for the purpose of keeping the farm attached to or forming part of a continuing process. 7. Fertilizers for the cultivation of an estate, they are in the lands where they have used. 8. The mines, quarries and slag heaps, while his remains attached to the reservoir area, and live or standing water.

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