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31 August
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World Health Organization

Today I want to give your attention a little bit of statistics. Official documents: 'According to the World Health Organization of the 50 million people who die each year in the world, more than 16 million deaths are infections and parasitic diseases. But in reality? You have to consider themselves a part of? Of course, to that which has no parasites. You do not have parasites? Have you checked? But many parasites do not lay eggs in the feces. And in your environment is not cats and dogs? And your friends and relatives, too, no? And your kids do not play in the sandbox, which is already 'went' what that cat? Canine Fleas carry the worm eggs. A dog them swallow the eggs inside and across its wet breath scatters them at a distance of 5 meters (kitty of up to 3 meters). For example: pinworm eggs can survive up to 6 months and through the dust, toys, carpets, underwear and bed linen, hand, fall into the mouth.

A roundworm eggs (Incidence of 100 million cases per year) come to us through the bad washed strawberries, fennel, through dirty hands, spread by flies. A barbecue or homemade lard 95% of infections trichinosis. A salted fish, 'steak' or caviar here for you and tapeworm wide original anaconda helminths of man. The length of the adult reaches 9 – 10 meters long and live 25 years. Maybe about the rest of you did not hear, but they are very popular: Giardia, Echinococcus, hookworm, toxocara, chainsaws, etc. What are the most vivid signs of the presence of parasites in our body? These 'smart' being so clever that they can mask the symptoms of its presence in the most widespread diseases. That is why experts recommend removal of the parasites to all those who suffer 'popular' disease and to whom traditional medicines do not help. Common symptoms are: constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, a syndrome of 'nervous' stomach pains joint and muscle pain, anemia, allergies, bad skin, granulomas, nervousness, sleep disturbances, teeth grinding, chronic fatigue, immune disorders, dizziness, and nausea.

As well as weight gain, through the dimensional constant feeling of hunger, weight loss, bad breath, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, acne, migraines and even such diseases, most often the cause of death as heart disease, etc. Mr. , in his book 'Life without parasites 'wrote:' We can not completely insulate themselves from risk of contracting one or another parasite. But we can develop a strategy and tactics that would minimize the harmful effects of parasites on our bodies. " Not be afraid. It is necessary to apply adequate, safe and reliable ways to de-worming. On the number of patients in the world, infection with intestinal helminths in third place. " Overall, more than half the world's population suffers parasitic infections. Statistics

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