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03 December
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The Power Is Within You From

Recently I returned to find a book by Louise Hay "The power is within you" the truth is that it is a highly recommended book, especially as you're going through bad times in your life. In the book there tells us about her life and the fact manage to change habits, beliefs, ways of talking and thinking changed her life completely. If a child abused by parents, which even abused, has managed to be a great communicator, helping thousands of people with his teachings, even beating breast cancer and today is one of the best known writers self-help there, so that his experience shows many things. I read his book years ago and I was excited but sometimes the circumstances and our own habits lead us to remain anchored in the way we've always been, without realizing that it is not correct because we are not happy in our day by day and by the situations we live. Louise Hay and many others talk about something very important, to love one same. This does not mean take a day afford to buy clothes or eat a cake, it means accepting you for what you are, valuing yourself for everything you do and feel good about yourself. This is often more difficult, often because we are already programmed from infancy through the company, which is not valued in many cases children, with their little problems in front of the main concerns of adults. Not recognized for their worth and we do not realize that everything they do watching and learning through our actions, and what they see and experience and accept the imprint and shape their beliefs: The discussions between parents, job stress, divorce, cries, worries, fears, also laughs, happiness, care, sweet words, love, affection, all this will create their own image and then grow.

Is usually quite hard to believe in yourself if no one has taught you to do so. Sometimes people closest intimate with, you realize that life for most people there are problems within the family, an abusive parent, lack of affection and respect, parents with emotional problems, etc. there are few cases where you have your child has been wonderful. So I guess it's normal that when these children become parents do not know how to teach more than what they had, following the same patterns. But there are people who for some reason decides to cut these patterns, then find books like The Power is within you, and you realize that you can deprogram, you can delete the beliefs of their children and leave them behind, you can become someone else you can even get to feel better, be accepted, and if you love each other and want the same then there is evidence that others want to know, but the work falls first to achieve this goal, self-love. Would not it be nice to start to break these chains? Think! Get this goal, and begin to change your life today. Esther Vega

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