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25 December
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The constant use of well-filtered water leads to disruption of the salt balance in the body and promotes, in turn, to the emergence of diseases such as hypertension, cardiac arrhythmia, etc. And how many and what kind of information carries with it the structure of water – another very important aspect. Information may cause a benefit and significant harm. It's – energy, with which it is familiar – we do not know. Current views on these issues, the device man the world around us have allowed to be born a new technology that allows help addressing these issues. Considering the person as being multifaceted, as a unified energy system, which is necessary for the understanding of harmony in all spheres of life, water as a source of energy and vitality is very important place. Giving the water of certain information, and hence the energy properties can affect certain body functions, the different spheres of life.

This allows bookmarks program such water of different medicinal properties. Not being able in a short article to consider all the ways, methods and devices for obtaining a desired living water with useful properties of man, I want to stay only on the criteria governing the validity of the choice of such devices personally for me. This ease of use, ability to take with him a long life, lack of replacement items and, of course, is not very high price. On Today, this choice corresponds to a few devices. Counting the cost of operation even ordinary water filter, you can not say that it's cheap. Water is expensive, and its number on the planet increases, but about quality and not talking. The cost of domestic appliances for the living water is relatively low, but few of them that satisfies the requirements put forward, and not always satisfy all the properties of quality, and for imports will have to lay out a lot of money. Some means of obtaining useful structured water imported production cost is a few thousand rubles a month per family.

And for the year, five? Need water every day, constantly, and not some, but high-quality, useful. I arranged an elegant and compact solution from the developers of Murmansk – CD-ROM. Structured water with the help of light and always available. Enough to put on such a disk capacity of water and stand it for 20-30 minutes. Moreover, capacity can be any, there are no special requirements. And there is no limit on the number, only time will slightly increase. But much and not necessarily because it is stored for long. Have you ever taken a bath with the water of life? An unforgettable experience, a fairy tale about "Humpbacked Horse" comes to mind. Vodice – young woman! Highly recommend! Obtained very selected properties, to restore not only the natural properties of water, but also human health, energy, space and its habitat, etc. Discs with unlimited use, with the low price, convenient and easy to use. Different combinations thereof and combinations allow the widest variety of applications in different areas of our lives.

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