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18 December
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Massage Mat

At our feet is a lot of biologically active points connected with all organs of the body. That's why doctors are so advised to massage your feet and walk barefoot in the summer on the shingle. But what about in winter, being at home conditions? You can prepare a massage pad, on which especially with great pleasure that the children will be walking. Take a fairly dense piece of cloth and prepare as much as possible the various small parts. This may include: details of children's puzzle, buttons, plugs, big beads, plastic part design, such as Lego, and ppm Now you have to sew those parts that are sewn, and the rest attached with adhesive. That's all massage carpet ready. In addition, the rug can be put next to the usual mat to dry but, but hairy, the one with the "thorns". Each morning, walking on this mat, you'll gain in vivacity all day. A hot spots, massaging, improve the work of all organs. Massage – the best way to treat diseases.

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