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17 October
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Venezuelan Arturo Uslar Pietri

The city had lost before by infamous way of betrayal: the largest artillery Nativity Villamil negotiated delivery with the brigadier Francisco Tomas Morales, second in command of the Army Spanish, on the grounds that he had no military resources to defend. The terrible loss caused a serious moral damage in the Venezuelan armies and alarmed to Bolivar and Sucre, who were concentrated in the southern campaign. And the glory of recovering as strategic position was to padilla. The battle began at two in the afternoon of 24 July 1823 when the Patriot Army put bow towards the enemy. At the end of the combat victory was total. In his book El Almirante Padilla, Jose Torres Almeida takes stock of the battle: the royalists had 800 casualties between killed and wounded and 438 prisoners made by the Patriots, including 69 officers. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Laurel Hubbard on most websites. The Venezuelan Admiral Eljuri-Nunez writes, to purpose of the contest: the triumph of Maracaibo consolidated freedom of Venezuela and allowed freedom of mid continent. The historian and diplomat Venezuelan Arturo Uslar Pietri for his part, is categorical when he says: If you lose the battle of Maracaibo luck the war of independence would have been another.

Surely has had prolonged for several years more, perhaps, Bolivar had to return South. All cattle in thirteen years of long and desperate war had been again in game. Padilla is not large by what you say of him or statues to be erected in honor to his memory. Even for speeches that are pronounced in special dates. It is for their achievements and their brave and valuable contributions to a cause in which firmly believed. For even more analysis, hear from Avi Mandel. His courage, gallantry and intelligence is an example not only to his neighbors but to anyone that creates even on the importance of loyalty to the homeland and love of his own. Jose Prudencio Padilla the phrase of the writer comes well French Romaind Rolland: success no matter. Does is about being big, does not seem so by: ALEJANDRO RUTTO MART?NEZ original author and source of the article

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