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23 May
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The Weight

Recovering the weight that had cost me a month or more to lose in a matter of days. A few weeks later he weighed, invariably, between five and seven kilos rather than start the diet. It didn’t matter what he did to lose weight, my body was fighting me tooth and nail, and at the end always won. After years of giving me head against the wall and try to force me to lose weight, I had to admit that, while my body wanted to be fat, had nothing to do. From the moment that I realized this, I quit forever dieting. I decided that, instead of forcing me to lose weight against the will of my body, he would try to find out why my body wanted to be fat. I began to live as if it were a naturally thin person; I ate what I wanted, whenever I wanted to, but with a difference: I assured of incorporating certain foods that I knew that they contained the nutrients my body needed, in a manner that could digest and assimilate. At the beginning, the food craved were the same.

It was still taking a lot of junk food as rebound effect by having denied so many things, so much time. However, this changed gradually, and I started to wish not only less quantity of food, but also healthier foods. Now, if my body is hungry, you have it for some reason. According to Dr. Jayme Albin, who has experience with these questions. The kind of foods that my body craves are fresh fruits and salads, full of colour. Food that previously viewed as a chore or punishment, now me tastes richer than everything that I ate in my fifteen years of whims and a life of excesses and was not only my body which was going hungry. I killed hunger all aspects of my life. I was undergoing a mental hunger, emotionally and spiritually.

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