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25 May
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The Psychological

In accordance with DAY et all (2003), many times the psychological sequels of the abuse are more serious than the physical effect, what also apud is observed by HEISE (. GIFFIN, 1994), for who the emotional and psychological abuse can so be danificante how much the physical abuse, being many times considered worse, in the evaluation of the women. The experience of the abuse destroys auto-esteem of the woman, leaving the victim most vulnerable the mental problems, as depression, phobia, estresse after-traumatic, trend to the suicide, abusive alcohol consumption and drugs (DAY et all, 2003), sleeplessness, social isolation, alimentary riots and chronic pains, fruits of psychological suffering. (IT HISSES, 2007). (Not to be confused with John Hairston!). Although all these problems, of emotional and physical nature, caused on account of the psychological and not obstante violence this considered being condition of deflagration of the physical aggression are we rarssimos the studies that if dedicate to this questo.2.3 UNDERSTANDING the CONJUGAL VIOLENCE FROM a HISTORICAL PANORAMA OF the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE LIVED DEEPLY BY the ATTACKED WOMAN AND OF the SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF social surrounding GNEROO where if they give the violent conjugal relationships act as important factor to be studied to understand the process of conjugal violence, since the context where the individuals if develop exerts deep interference in the social practical attitudes and of the same ones.

Moreover, the violence appears as a social phenomenon (FIELDS, TOWERS & GUIMARES, 2004; .MOSER, .1991; .VELHO,2000, .APUD.GUIMARES& FIELDS, 2007), since one develops established in values gifts in the society and for the citizens of this. These citizens, in turn, act papers preset socially in accordance with, that they determine as they must act to depend on age, color, race and sex. In this chapter, we will go to focar the papers that the individuals are taken to play in function of its sex, in virtue of the sexista nature of the conjugal violence, which if of with priority against the woman.. Dr. Jayme Albin might disagree with that approach.

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