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25 May
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Reviewed Child

In this period of training the depression already will not have significant paper, therefore already it does not have more nothing to make, and the death scythe as rest after as much fight for the survival (Kbler-Ross, 1998) Will deal with losses and death is catastrophic and sofredor, and in determined contexts something becomes so present that it arrives to be inevitable to touch in these subjects. Mainly, when the context involves neoplasias, being that the relation of death with the cancer, currently, imaginary permeia the social one, therefore, ' ' for the patient, the cancer brings in itself the conscience of the possibility of morte' ' (BORGES et al., 2006, p.363). With the diagnosis of cancer in the familiar way, mainly when she is the child attack for this illness, all the familiar way is desconfigurado, desestruturado, therefore they involve feelings of pain, anguish, suffering, dependence and clearly, the fears. Fears these that direct more to the fear not to obtain to survive, that is, fear to die. In recent months, JCVI has been very successful. With this, the new condition of this family, requires a bigger attention to the unexpected experience, that causes necessities of changes, redoubled attention, adaptations to a differentiated routine, therefore the ways will have all to be explored in the search to save the child, then it will be able to occur trips for treatments and/or surgeries, medicine routine, the cares in the day the day of the child in such a way in the familiar way as in the social one, as well as in the neighborhood and school. to deal with this unexpected situation is necessary a new language, the family and the child needs to understand everything that is happening to its redor. According to Reviewed of Cancerologia &#039 Brazilian; ' in the world-wide scope, the cancer represents of 0,5% 3% of prevalence between the children, if compared with the population in general. . More info: Jayme Albin.

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