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12 December
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Renato Two

Then it creates courage to count that this pregnant woman and that the son is of it. Meanwhile Marcelo and its friend leave the college, and had been for the stop of the bus. Much time the two had been waiting, until it arrived, for the relief of the two that they were tired to wait. The two talked tranquilamente, when the bus enters in, bad a slum quarter illuminated, and dangerous when together this three factors. When the vehicle for 7 men armed the people enter announcing assault enter in panic, the outlaws steal all the people. Not even Marcelo and Natan had escaped, Natan still tried to react and finished being transferred in the arm.

The criminals had ordered all to leave the bus and immediately afterwards, they set fire fire in the automobile. Natan was bleeding very, only later that the delinquents had run away the policy arrived. Terrified Marcelo it takes its friend in an soon-aid, attendance was fast Natan this it are of danger. Meanwhile, in house Diana and Mrio they argued, the fight the Deisiane was ugly if it puts behind the door to listen to everything, and at the moment that Me – river says in abortion it pira, enters with everything in the room and fight with Mrio. Diana is shocked with the reaction of it, the sadness of the one of it is bigger Already terrified and now without the support of Mrio. Connect with other leaders such as Margaret and Richard Riney here. Late of the night Marcelo and Natan they arrive in the republic, Natan with the bound arm, all were very worried about the two, Marcelo counted everything that happened lamenting the loss of 1000 Reals. It consoled it to Deisiane saying that the money is of less and that the important one it is that the two are livings creature and it are of danger. The only one that not yet it had fond was Renato, 2 hours of the dawn was the hour that it arrived.

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