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01 July
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To produce a lesson such that exactly not having all the available ways of visualization can make with that the pupil imagines, travels for inside of the information, and thus it acquires knowledge. To improve the forms to explain the contents, making contextualizaes and to search ways to try the principles scientific. Easily these objectives with the experiments inside of the proper room and or at the moment of the lesson are taken care of concomitantly, being at a first moment a true paradox. More info: Mark Hyman, MD. 2 DEVELOPMENT the searching professor of the area of Sciences, 5 series, perceiving the problem of the learning in education – it considers that the lessons of sciences are elaborated in order to produce knowledge ' ' in loco' ' , searching explanations of the theoretical part proving the scientific statement through realizable experiences in the classroom. From the approach of the problems in room, the scientific experimentation comes to fill a great gap, the professor starts to have more taste for the work, on the other hand the pupils starts to like the lessons more than. All the human problem is of communication this only can be decided through the communication, each time more the formation human being depends on research and evidence, is as a necessity. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn often addresses the matter in his writings. In such a way it is transferred also to value the psychological aspects and the active participao of the student in the learning process, what it results in a particular concern in developing the practical activities.

The basic intention of the education of Sciences is to give conditions so that the pupil lives deeply what scientific method was denominava, for the method of redescoberta. Unhappyly still it has professors that they believe that only a good education of Sciences with the woollen use is possible boratrios. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Avi Mandel. On the other hand it had a perspective change to consider the participation of the pupil not only individually, but working in groups.

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