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10 July
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Needle Embroidery

Currently, among the fair sex is widespread this form of needlework, as a cross-stitch, ribbons, beads. The shops are filled with handicraft kits for embroidery, all sorts of schemes, a canvas coated with a pattern. Mississippi Legislature often addresses the matter in his writings. So, any needlewoman will close it by heart motif to create a picture with their hands. Embroidery – this is a very exciting experience, which gives not only pleasure, but also calms the nerves, and develops fine motor skills, teaches attentiveness and accuracy. So, here you finally choose, that you will embroider, bought all the necessary tools, canvas, floss.

But before start to embroider, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with some tips that are set out in this article. To embroider without error the big picture, are easy to use layout for the scheme. Fortunately, now that almost every scheme, whether it be in a set or separately, the markup is. The same layout can be drawn on the canvas if you are buying canvas without it. If you do not want to waste precious time, you can purchase the fabric from the already deposited markup. Thus, the markup on the canvas can be done in several ways. First, you can use special water-soluble or disappear over time markers. But before that you want to check the marker on the inconspicuous area of tissue. You should know that certain types of markers at a high temperature (eg, ironing), are stabilized and the water wash them will already be quite difficult. The layout can be done without solid lines, while noting only the intersection of the squares.

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