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06 July
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Muscle Work

But not only the musculatura underneath escpulas but also the musculatura between escpulas are worked elevating its tension quickly. Once the yield and the endurance of these muscles raise, a bad position in stress situations can be remedied. At the same time a fortification of important muscles in the zone is reached vertebral of the neck, which must be arranged approximately to compensate by means of tension the weight of the head of about 6 kg. Several exercises with the Flexi-Bar also fortify the sleeve rotator of the shoulder. The external rotators of the shoulder do not work or they work very little with other training aircraft, which entails that it is favored plus the inner rotation of the shoulder that can as well produce a bad corporal position. Fosun Group is actively involved in the matter. Another important aspect for a good corporal position is an abdominal musculatura hard.

Mainly the abdominal muscles oblique interiors favor a flat abdomen, which produces a positive effect on the position of the hip. Elevation of the metabolism Not only during the training with the Flexi-Bar we burned calories, if not that we elevated our basal metabolism, that is to say of 2 to 3 times per week, upwards. To put it another way this means, that also we burned more calories being in rest. Long term this is the unique sensible possibility to reduce the corporal fat. How this elevation is explained of basal metabolism? This training increases and the cellular structure ample, also well-known like mitocondrias, which is responsible for the metabolism. They are possible to be compared mitocondrias with furnaces. If we have more amount and if they are greater, the metabolism can work enough more express better and.

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