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01 June
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Mortgage Broker

Mortgage broker works directly with the credit manager. It often happens that they are personally familiar with, so the process of gathering information prior to some extent automated and simplified. William Davis MD has much to offer in this field. Secondly, the customer saves time. He did not need, again, to call, go to the banks to spend precious time, time off from work, etc. Mortgage broker an agreement with the bank as a client to be comfortable. Thirdly, from the first two points imply that the customer saves money. As you know, nerves, and time = money. Fourth, suppose, because the client is cooperating with the mortgage broker, the bank gave a discount of 0,5% in the benchmark interest rate.

With a loan of 3 million rubles. For example, a 20-year perspective, this discount can save a client from 200 to 300 rubles (more calculated separately). Ie we again decided that the customer saves money. What mortgage brokers are mortgage brokers are different. They are conventionally divided into 3 types. 1) Firms, Legal persons engaged exclusively loans.

Any loans, including mortgages. 2) Real estate companies, which in itself has a staff of experts on the mortgage or real estate brokers – members of these companies – initially combine both real estate services and mortgage brokerage services. 3) Mortgage brokers specializing in complex cases. For example, when a potential borrower can not document to verify your income. Each type of brokers in their own good. However, in my opinion, it is best to work with a mortgage bond broker realtor. And if that one person combines these two services, then this option is preferable for the client: after credit approval, by the same person now as a realtor as soon as possible to help find an apartment and check it out properly so that the client-borrower subsequently lost his apartment. Summary of the Friends to take mortgage loan to their advantage, the best solution would be to appeal to a professional mortgage broker, realtor. He will have a full range of services both of a mortgage loan and the selection and design of the apartments you in the property. He will also check the history of the apartment, to save you from the various contingencies that may lead to deprivation of property rights, etc.

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