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04 March
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Complexion: Your New Best Friend ?

Have you ever known a sun worshiper, one of those people who never quite manages to get a dark tan? They are always looking for that new product that will break their newest tanning plateau and deepen their color even more. Some of them are the lucky few who's skin tans easily. Rarely burn, and after a few hours in the sun, there will be the appearance of most of us after a Caribbean vacation long. The rest of us, however, is left to envy these lucky few, as we know damn few hours in the sun are caused by at least a week of peeling, dry havoc, red skin, not to mention the multitude of fine lines and wrinkles that will surely follow. That is, until recent years have seen the latest generation and greater self-tan products.

You do not have to suffer the natural orange color, the intense odor, or the disappearance of the ugly old self tanners. Self tanning today, at least the quality are formulated to give every user an even, natural tan that lasts longer, has a dark brown instead of orange or red, and fades like a real tan. There are even spray good "several" Self Tanning services offered by many tanning salons for those who do not feel comfortable with the application of oneself. I've only personally tried the Mystic Tan salon service, and that looks pretty good for about two days, but fades in what looks like spots or freckles (not very attractive I can assure you).

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