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08 March
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Brain Maize

With the displayed one, cavalete appeared the idea of one that it did not allow to the contact of the born bees rescm with the oil burnt by means of a bar of protection and consequently would be a trap for the pedradores, therefore the same comes appearing positive effect. 3.1.3.Fornecimento of Proteinic and energy Feeding: If it has complete nectar lack of raised attraction for the bees, them will appeal to the inferior nectar plants, premidas that they are for the hunger. This explains the importance of nectarferas or polinferas plants that, of meaning little commercial at time of abundance, is changedded into valuable aid to minorar the hunger of the bees at time of accented scarcity (mainly in the winter, having to supply artificial feeding and to reduce the alvado one for reason of the cold). It is the case in our region of it bakes fish, malice, etc. In the food scarcity has as alternative the proteinic feeding that supplied when the swarms meet weak, being one of the alternatives to provide one better position of the queen. Some prescriptions of proteinic feeding exist, between them are necessary for the shape of food two have broken of bran maize, three part soy bran and six part of sugar, adding vanilla drops, making a homogenia mixture supplies 2 times per 200g/colmia week using the covering feeder. One of more usual energy foods is the boiled must, having as ingredients 40%gua and to 60%acar, which after warm and cooled is supplies the beehives (they 2vezes/sem). To prevent that if it ruins the feeding it must be consumed in the same day in was prepared. 3.1.4.Reviso of the Beehives the community green Field bes situated has 30 km of the city of sensible Itaituba-Par to the city of Rurpolis, where biweekly the visits in the apirios of the involved families in the project happened, in order to apply adequate techniques of handling and to excite resulted positive in the production.

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