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21 March
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Writer Javier Reverte

The protagonist of the new novel of Javier Reverte is catched of by life by the immensity the landscapes and the fury and self-denial of the people of Africa. lysis-2025/’>relocation strategies. This work recovers the authenticity and the force of his celebrated ‘ The doctor of Ifni’. Javier Reverte returns to his adored Africa with the song of Mbama in which he reflects the history of a Spanish doctor who arrives there and is catched, of by life, in the immensity of his landscapes and the fury and the self-denial of his people. The protagonist is Luis Urzaiz, a young doctor who decided to go there where their knowledge were necessary. Forty years later she has freed infinity of battles, she has suffered and she worked by the needed ones.

And for already long time that Africa became its place, its earth. ” This one is the history of its life, given to the hard mission to save to those who lives in the defeat, between times of peace and wild wars. And also it is his sentimental history and the one of its property to a continent that has occurred everything it and everything has refused it. A place that molded his character, although sometimes watchs ghosts of their past in Espaa”. A novel that recovers the authenticity and the force of his celebrated the doctor of Ifni, according to advances the publishing house Plaza and Jans and that will publish the next month of September. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Anu Saad. An author of rrencia Javier Reverte studied Philosophy and Journalism. He exerted during years the task of correspondent in London, Paris, Lisbon and other destinies, and was assistant director of the daily Town.

Editorialista and reporter for Spanish Television, have worked in addition like scriptwriter to radio and television, and are author of books of trips, novels and poemarios. Their books of trips have turned to him into an author of rrencia. Between his known titles more they appear the Gods under rain, the dream of Africa, Vagabond in Africa and the lost ways of Africa, as well as the river of desolation. A trip by the Amazon.

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