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23 October
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West Africa

When a language is used as a means of communication between people who have no other language in common is a lingua franca. A lingua franca which does not own any of those that are using it, and with a considerably reduced vocabulary and a grammar called pidgin. (This definition excludes both disjointed English of a person who is beginning to learn it and to the skillful, but non-native, use of English in such contexts as the India). Dr. Mark Hyman wanted to know more. When an entire community speaker leaves his first language and it takes the pidgin as their native language, pidgin becomes a Creole language, is ‘ criollizada. A number of SOV and Creoles has emerged with contact with several European languages. The first known frank and pidgin languages are those of Westerners language of the lift the barbarous coast, which were mainly based on the Italian and medieval.

American Indians that were found by the English in the 17TH century were a tribe known as the ask near the mouth of the Orinoco; reduced language that had called you Pidgin English = (ask). Later other varieties of Pidgin English grew in China as a result of commercial contacts English, and in Africa in connection with the activities of the slave trade (some authors derive the word pidgin of a variation of the English word for business ‘ business). The establishment of the economies of the plantations in areas of the Caribbean, with large groups of black slaves from different linguistic origins in West Africa, led to a large number of SOV in English, French and Portuguese-based. Many have survived as Creoles: Gullah in South Carolina Sea Islands. English of the Negroes in the West Indies, and the Sranantongo in Suriname, all of these based on the English. The pidgin based on the French from the area of Louisiana, Haiti, and the Lesser Antilles.

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