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04 October
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Wadden Sea

Wellness pur on the North Sea coast spend the big heat wave in Germany is over and the summer snows slowly but us to say goodbye. Some vacationers pleased, not everyone with the proverbial desert weather come your way, and accordingly makes the first plans for a holiday in the approaching fall months. Of course, still the classic European destinations such as Spain or Italy for a holiday invite. Many people love but also the cooler fall weather and long walks on the coast, such as, for example, of the local North. The North Sea coast attracts year-round with wide sandy beaches and extensive dunes that invite hiking and walking. Also a long walk through the Wadden Sea at low tide should not be missed here.

For sporty, active a North Sea holiday offers as many options, such as, for example, versatile Nordic walking or cycling. Of course, we must not forget the wide water sports program with wind surfing or sailing, if this in cool autumn weather is also rather reserved for the die-hard among the sportsmen. Various museums attract visitors throughout the year, even more about country and people of the North Sea coast to learn and offer an interesting and educational alternative to just heavily rainy days. As you can see, has a whole lot to offer the North Sea coast and is ideal for a short holiday. But wellness also capitalizes on the North Sea coast and many hotels offer diverse arrangements and offers.

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