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19 November
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Veterinary Clinic

This will be necessary to show this quiet when it comes to keep their coat in good condition, give you medicine, treating him at the Veterinary Clinic, clean ears, teeth, cut your fingernails. If you are calm and confident it will be much easier than if it is aggressive and defiant. Now, if a puppy we are challenged, must educate him correctly, firmly but without do you harm. If you do any mischief at home, he breaks something, growls or bites us strong, we must catch him and taking it by the skin of the neck, lift the dog and look you angry in the face, giving him a little touch on one side of the snout. It should also be sufficient if it diverts the look after our anger and not tries to maintain eye contact.

A dog, whether it’s a challenge between humans or pets, enough to know who’s boss, not fighting and hurting yourself interested, he should not get to this point. If they accept that US sent, they will be quiet and obedient, if on the contrary the herd leaders feel, they will be aggressive and authoritarian. If we have managed to show our moral authority within the hierarchy to the dog when it was a puppy, we can then make use of it for the rest of our coexistence without the need for physical punishment. Hitting a dog is harmful and it will only that you be wary and fearful, it won’t be docile but that will be little balanced. The ideal is to be with the dog many hours when it is puppy and that a person is showing small orders in constant training, but if the family is large, everyone must participate. Children should play with the dogs, can make games of persecution, use toys for dogs, wear clothes around the House, there are many fun games, but children sometimes abuse the trust and patience of the animal and can make it flat, the dog Growl and try to rid of heavy children although calmer dogs rarely respond, until a dog can bite, we must educate children so that they know that dogs feel like us and that their patience has limits. He is very noticeable when a dog is adult, if he presents behaviour problems, which probably have been initiated since he was a puppy, not only by traumatic experiences. Find other pets and dog training articles on our website.

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