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23 May
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Vacuum Bags

Vacuum bags are needed for packaging food industry, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronic products, medical instruments, bank notes, traumatic suture material, metal, medical products, textiles. Before doing an order for production of the film for vacuum packaging of the customer is obliged, working with the production department to find out what kind of products will be packed in vacuum bags. Can be packaged gourmet foods, meat, poultry, seafood, and articles for technical uses, frozen fish, etc. Remember: The vacuum bag must clearly correspond to the category food for which they are used. Depending on the storage life of the product must be selected from the film to be made by vacuum bags. There are many types of film that can be used to release the vacuum bags.

For example, shrink bags as packaging for food products is gaining importance. See Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine for more details and insights. Now it is one of the most technologically advanced forms of packaging that combines excellent barrier properties, ergonomics, durability and, thanks to the excellent transparency, the ability to most effectively present the product. Shrink film consists of four main layers: the sealing layer, the outer layer of poleefira, polyamide fiber, evoh and tie three layers. If you are not convinced, visit John Hairston. The main property of the outer layer of polyester film is its high heat resistance, making vacuum bags do not stick together in the process evacuation. This allows you to double the performance of vacuum chambers due to the possibility of layering multiple packets simultaneously in a single cycle.

The combination of layers of polyester and polyamide attached Shrink wrap high puncture resistance, which allows guaranteed packaging, for example, complex products such as meat on the bone. The high mechanical strength has allowed manufacturers to reduce the thickness film at 30%. Vacuum bags, because they lack oxygen oxidizer, which extend shelf life up to 2-2,5 times. It must be remembered that the shelf life of products packed in vacuum bags depends on temperature and type of product. When using an inert gas during the evacuation period of storage may be increased up to a year. In addition, in some cases, vacuum bags help make the product less therefore, it will occupy less space when transporting or storing in the refrigerator. For some time now increasingly in demand from domestic manufacturers is the so-called transport packing. Usually, this large vacuum bags, which are filled by weight product with a limited under normal conditions for a period of implementation (eg, sausages, hot dogs, cooked sausage). In the vacuum bags can fit from 5 to 7 kg of products. Then vacuum bags evacuated, filled with a special mixture of gases and it is in this form are sent to the store. Packed so production is very convenient for small shops. Term of realization of frankfurters, wieners packed in gaseous environment can be substantially increased, because products as selling spread in the window. Another plus of this package (except the period of implementation) – in the gas phase virtually eliminated the possibility of shrinkage of the product, which also can increase the profitability of sales. Vacuum bags are designed to protect the food from the environment: and mechanical impact, oil and grease, oxygen, ultraviolet radiation, carbon dioxide, water vapor, etc. If compared with traditional types of packaging (glass, ceramics, metal) barrier films are easy in processing, more universal, cheaper and more practical. Vacuum bags will help you make your production more profitable and increase the shelf life of your products!

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