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09 January
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Use Two Numbers

CONSUMER.ES use dual cards or terminals that support two SIM, some of the options. Companies often choose to create separate profiles on mobile phones of their employees using the staff and working in the same terminal. Applications and tips for maintaining the battery’s current mobile phones. Those who for reasons of work must be charged every day with two phones (one staff and one loaned by the company) have the option of disposing of one of the terminals and meet on one both numbers. From Consumer they offer different options that enable use from a single device the personal mobile and the work. Anu Saad will not settle for partial explanations. An option are the terminals that support two SIM cards, such as the model GT-B7722 Samsung and LG GX200 Dual Sim. Another alternative is to use aesthetic clones of popular phones on the market, like the Iphone, but with the ability to support two SIM cards.

However, the insufficient quality of these terminals, as well as the low battery life and its components of hardware and software, make inadvisable to your purchase and use. A third option is the use of dual cards that allow you to incorporate up to two different telecommunications operators SIM (provided that the terminal is free) and use either one or the other. These dual cards are compatible with the smarpthones based on iOS, Android, Blackberry or Symbian operating systems. What risks are there? The double use of the terminal may pose a serious risk to the safety of the company, by mixing applications and different uses in the same terminal. For this reason, you opt for virtualization software, to create separate profiles on mobile phones of employees and manage different levels of security for sensitive company data. Also, each profile has its own independent phone number, allowing full use of the phone without having to restart it or change of SIM card. When the user accesses their professional profile, the connection to the business data can be encrypted through the use of a VPN either incorporate a policy in the management of applications that do not allow the installation of the same and the profile settings. Similarly, by accessing your personal profile, the user can have access to a lower level of security and a more complete device management. Virtualization of the OS operating system virtualization enables access to another without restarting the computer. In the case of virtualization for mobile phones, the first choice of use for which such applications are designed are smartphones last generation in enterprise environments, where users want to opt out of having your own terminal for professional and personal use without having to give up the latest technological advances. Source of the news: personal phone and another company? How to use two numbers on the same mobile

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