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07 February
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Trucks From Heaven

Demand for trucks at the moment is huge. Pursuit of the traditional European brands on our market heavyweights pulled manufacturers from China. Currently in China there is little heavyweights of their structure, they all in one, and to some degree taken at other manufacturers. "Pure Chinese" heavy-duty trucks in Russia – a coincidence, therefore, for a particular truck under heaven can find a pattern with the well-known market brand. This is not completely guarantee that your chosen tractors will be fully match the quality of the present example, although the purchase of "almost Mercedes-Benz or man is always more pleasant than truck tractors with unknown hard to pronounce and hard catchy name. Clutching at his disposal trucks and Shaanxi SX1255NT5004B howo ZZ106823251, first thing I'm trying to get acquainted with the design. Aggregate of the two heavyweights turned out to be almost identical, although one of them in detail resumes, at least from the outside, popular in the 1990's man F2000, while the other goes back to the early 1970's, copying Mercedes-Benz that period.

Both are equipped with six-cylinder turbocharged heavyweight diesel engine 279 hp, created "on the license Steyr . Other heavy-duty trucks are distinguished by name, but the technical parameters are so similar that distinction to note is almost impossible. In addition to the rear axle – in Shaanxi them with planetary hub reduction. It turns out that that under a different "shell" we have exactly the same heavy-duty trucks? Yes and no With regard to the technical properties, there is no difference at all. Those and other heavy trucks dovozyat 20t payload, spending a similar With regard to the amount of fuel for driver comfort, convenience, service and other details, here the difference is very great. About it and talk. The first view suggests itself: Shaanxi in the cabin is the least twenty years relevant and, hence, he and more accurate. But it is not so simple.

Together with modern cab Shaanxi inherited from man interior and exterior decoration of plastics. And now imagine that heavier trucks to be used at construction sites, where the steering wheel sit workers working in shifts, virtually nonstop, squeezing out all of the heavyweights of what they are capable. In that case turned cab Shaanxi two or three months? For hard manual heavyweights have comply with one addition – the simpler the better. And here comes Shaanxi exemplary! Not for nothing that I have talked that every Chinese model has its adherents. Having dealt with consumer niches heavyweights inheritance Now note the little things found on the test. I'll start with what Cab man F2000 in the implementation of Shaanxi not lost the initial charm. Before the driver's eyes are well recognizable name collection devices in cold colors, but in the hands steering wheel with leather trim. On Shaanxi, on the contrary, a great big wheel and thin. Twirl you are free, but not very good – we have lost the habit of these "plastic rolls. The only thing more annoying in a Chinese heavyweight, so is the quality of manufacturing. Not that these heavy trucks were worse than the local (as practice shows, just the opposite), just in our calculations doubt strengthened the Chinese heavy trucks.

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