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19 November
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Training Weights

In the gym, as in other public places, has its own rules of conduct. Because the gym is a place where the work with his own body, there is always the risk of inadvertently injured. So here the special attention to the rules of safety when dealing with exercise equipment and weights. Before you start training, the athlete must make sure that the trainers and the presence of someone at the gym in case you need first aid. When working with weights, always use only serviceable equipment and ammunition.

If your side no one is in any case, do not work with large weights. Even if you confident in their abilities. If you have the micro and health problems train in sparing mode. It is possible, for example, when preparing for a very important competition, but always in consultation with his personal physician and coach. In other cases, you better not give up exercise before a full recovery. Bodybuilder, confident in its security, is not distracted from the exercises and higher quality concentrates on the muscles. and This approach gives a more productive results.

Here are a few simple safety rules that will prevent unwanted injury. Always do a warm-up before training. This is not a waste of time. Well warm up muscles less prone to injury. Perform the basic exercises needed to warm-up approach with small weights. This should be at least 15 reps exercises. Add burdening should gradually. At the same time should follow closely the work of muscles and in the event of pain or discomfort should stop the exercise. Pay close attention to your breathing during exercise. Proper breathing is very important aspect of bodybuilding. Try to exhale during the main phase of the exercise and inhale when returning to the starting position. Proper breathing helps to correct the work of the brain and reduces the risk of an increase in blood pressure. Do not be lazy once again check the serviceability of the simulator. Watch carefully so that during exercise with you is not sports equipment scattered about that can be tripped over. To avoid spine injury, use an athletic zone, when there is stress on your lower back. Compliance with these simple rules will help to enjoy the training process faster and achieve success in bodybuilding.

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