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23 August
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Traditional Medicine

Family – a social unit. At John Craig Venter you will find additional information. A society should be most effective to live and develop, improving survival skills, and this society needs healthy cells. Unfortunately, in our modern world things such that virtually every home has a place all sorts of ailments. Sick all – adults and children, and most often visited by this scourge of older people. In women, prevalent diseases such as breast (s are almost 80% specimens female), ovarian cysts, vulva and other equally “nice” of the disease. Men are susceptible to such ailments as adenoma, prostatitis, testicular tumors, etc. Older people often have the characteristic of their age, disease – sclerosis, cardiovascular disorders, the nature of the exchange, joint diseases, and more. In difficult times – late winter – early spring – due to a general beriberi “reigns” cold – so-called acute respiratory infections (ARI). And what we’re doing whenever you feel unwell? Right! We go to the doctor to consult and ask the same of what this or that disease.

Doctor, rubbing his hands together, appoint or costly procedures for clear my conscience prescribes any “miracle” pills, which should help. The result is a huge burden on the liver and other organs with a short-term results. In my opinion, the best solution is traditional medicine. When more people lived in caves and hunted mammoths and bears hardly any of them went to the clinic, grumble about their sclerosis, or mastitis. The important role played by modern lifestyle, which are now the majority of people – sedentary or inactive with morning walks to the subway and evening back. From here and taken numerous diseases and rejection, even in infants. Grandma’s still our did not go to doctors and were treated on their own folk remedies – teas, herbal infusions, in general, that has given the nature itself. And the results are quite good, and loads of bodies there.

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