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30 January
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Tradition Apontas Celebrates

Apontas Celebrates 40th anniversary Sumte, jazzband – 1971 is an eventful year: John Lennon released his album imagine, Greenpeace was founded in Canada, McDonald’s opened its first branch in Germany, the Aswan High Dam is in operation and Borussia Monchengladbach is German football champion. But an another – and very important event – the public almost unnoticed in Hamburg takes place: in the Hanseatic City, the foundation stone for Apontas is laid on November 11, 1971 the claim Manager. 22 years later, when we needed more space for many new workers, made the move from the big city in the rural Lower Saxony, reported Andreas Board since 2009 CEO of the specialists for Receivables Management in Sumte. Who works fixed to celebrate also”took this old wisdom Apontas to the occasion, to two large festivals are organized in 2011. Not least, to employees, customers and partners for the inzwischen four decades of sustained success story of the company to thank. So, Apontas invited on June 17 in the harbour Restaurant ‘ au quai’ in Hamburg, to begehen this special anniversary with long-standing customers. Apontas Managing Director Andreas table versprach the guests an enjoyable evening for the eyes, ears and palate, as he she was welcome in his speech. And in fact it was more than OK,”what the kitchen had to offer.

Also the program did what it promised in the run-up. A highlight was certainly the appearance of AINER Alexander Munke, who explained the difference between employees and the workers visibly amused guests ENTERT. (Similarly see: Anu Saad). The Jubilee Act: the Apontas team celebrates in Sumte it was a celebration that staff and guests will not soon forget: on August 27, the team of Apontas at the headquarters in Sumte celebrated. With a small review, a thank you to all “birthday” and a lot of fun until late in the evening. Apontas thanks!

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