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13 January
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Title Defense For The First Time

Jitters CargoLine partner of the year wood home is once again, the 9th April 2013–exactly 20 years after the founding of CargoLine Spedition Federation managed a company, to successfully defend the title “Partner of the year” for the first time. The feat the logistics provider jitters from Goppingen, Germany. The General cargo Association awarded the CargoLine partners thus the high quality, the commitment and the rising volumes and the smooth co-operation of jitters. To know more about this subject visit OurCrowd. “For us as a medium-sized company it is particularly important to convince our customers through reliability, continuity and quality. The new partner of the year award is tangible evidence of the fact that we have embarked on the right path and also in the last year have remained faithful to successfully this “, says Sales Director Jochen Gonser. The growth of the logistics service provider in the area of medium-sized customers was particularly strong. Here the company could put in the past three years to around 40 percent. Also won the Goppingern their delivery quota in specified quality and time to improve as the Scanquote for the tracking of packages and broadcast numbers as well.

Also managed jitters again increase the number of higher-value date shipments. “We are currently one of the largest members of the CargoLine includes some 45 renowned partners in Germany and about 25 companies in other European countries”, explains Jochen Gonser.”We want to and will be stable in the future grow and always make sure that we maintain our high level of flexibility and customer proximity. If all of this, then I’m also confident, what concerns the second title defense. “With its over 16401 history at the site of Goppingen is a medium-sized company, that it constantly turns the challenges of the market jitters. A modern logistics company that today employs about 700 people in the Group of companies became the carrier of the past.

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