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12 January
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The Vessels

Most water loss (on average it is about nine grams) leads to thickening of the blood, and this facilitates the transition of fluid from the tissues into the blood vessels and resorption of different hardening. For assistance, try visiting cardiologist. Bath procedure normalizes the metabolism, promotes the elimination of rheumatic diseases joints, acute and chronic sciatica, various cold-related diseases, including respiratory diseases. Studies have shown, for example, when a flu epidemic break out, the incidence of amateur bathe 4 times lower than among those who do not attend a bath. The scientists found that under the bath more quickly restored the power of tired muscles, which for some time, even above the original level. Resilience and endurance of muscles. The impact of a bathhouse on the cardiovascular system is manifested primarily in expansion and increase in the number of functional capillaries. This leads to increased blood supply to those areas of the body, the vessels which were at rest in a compressed condition, suffering from the initial stage of hypertension, blood pressure decreases after visiting a steam room.

Thus, the bath especially useful for people suffering from edema, leading a sedentary lifestyle, those who engaged in strenuous physical and mental work. Bath and helpful to other people, after it felt more energy, improves well-being, increases efficiency, normal son, appetite. Tastes differ: I was once asked: Which room is best? I thought I could not answer, it seemed – a simple question. In actual fact, I thought: what a bath is better? AND immediately asked myself: What is meant by the word better? I think you need to know for what purpose are you going to the bath, some are going to wash, others, such as after physical work is going to relieve fatigue or mental stress.

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